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Creating Azure Virtual Machines Quickly and Painlessly

There are several ways to create an Azure Virtual Machine, and the best option will likely depend on your role and expertise.

Tags: Windows, Azure, System Center, servers, Hyper-V, virtual machine, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, NIC, Windows Server 2012, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Server Administrator, guest operating system, POWERSHELL CMDLETS, server tutorial, Windows Server 2012 R2

Microsoft Ups Its Ante in Containers

Microsoft is retooling Windows Server and Azure as enterprises flock to application container technologies like Docker.

Tags: Linux, Microsoft, Azure, Windows Server, containers, Cortana, docker, container virtualization, Azure SQL, Skype for Business, Windows Server 2016

Tips and Considerations When Creating Virtual Machines in Azure

At first glance, it might seem easy to set up a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure, but there are several important considerations to keep in mind before creating a VM in Azure.

Tags: Windows, Azure, System Center, servers, Hyper-V, virtual machine, Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator, server tutorial, Windows Server 2012 R2

Azure Virtual Network Primer: Overview and Q&A for IT Pros

Discover how you can create your own virtual lab in the cloud by connecting several Microsoft Azure virtual machines using an Azure Virtual Network.

Tags: Azure, Hyper-V, Windows Azure, best practices, Virtual Network Computing, Virtual Network, Microsoft Windows Azure, server tutorial, VNET

Managing Windows Azure Resources Using PowerShell

Discover how the 280-plus PowerShell cmdlets for Windows Azure can help you perform advanced administration for Windows Azure-hosted resources, including VMs.

Tags: Azure, Windows Azure, PowerShell, Microsoft Windows Azure, POWERSHELL CMDLETS, server tutorial

Microsoft Says Azure Cloud Services Safe From Heartbleed SSL Flaw

The company assures users Azure is immune to the OpenSSL flaw that affects much of the Internet. Customers running Linux images should remain on alert.

Tags: cloud services, Microsoft, Azure, encryption, Heartbleed SSL flaw, Linux images, Transfer Layer Security

Microsoft Partners With Fujitsu on Azure Middleware

Fujitsu announced it will ship four middleware products for Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform.
Tags: middleware, Microsoft, Azure, Fujitsu, public cloud

TechEd 2011: Cloud Computing, Devices and Developers

Microsoft's TechEd keynote declared cloud, devices and developers the theme for the week. But it did not ignore its longstanding data center and end user desktop bases.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, Azure, Exchange, TechEd

Microsoft Releases New SQL Server Migration Tools

The free SQL Server Migration Assistant helps users move to Microsoft SQL Server.
Tags: Azure, SQL Server, migration

Azure for Private and Public Clouds

Microsoft is taking its Azure cloud computing platform private.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, Azure, private cloud, public cloud

Microsoft Allies to Sell Hosted Clouds Running Azure

Several service providers plan to offer services using the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, Azure

Is It 'Code Red' for Windows OS?

Microsoft gives the Russian Federal Security Service access to source code for Windows Server 2008 R2, Office 2010 and SQL Server, thus bringing the 'more eyeballs, more secure code' argument back to the surface. Only this time, it isn't about Windows vs. Linux. And that's not the only recent twist out of Redmond: Azure will come in more than one shade.
Tags: cloud computing, Azure, Windows Server 2008, windows os, windows vs. linux

Cloud Computing's Back Alley Brawl

Microsoft is taking a page from SCO's playbook, suing Salesforce.com over nine CRM-related patents on which it claims the CRM vendor is infringing. Clearly, both companies believe cloud computing is critical to their future. With the cloud landscape still forming, is Microsoft prepared to do whatever it takes to be chief kingpin?
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, Azure, CRM, Salesforce.com

Microsoft's Cloud Plan Includes Azure and Apps

Microsoft's cloud plans include popular software-as-a-service offerings in addition to the company's platform as a service, Azure.
Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, service

A Look at Microsoft Azure and BPOS

Taking a close look at Microsoft's cloud computing offerings.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, Azure, BPOS

Microsoft Expects Cloud Revenue Two Years Out

Windows Server and SQL Server are big revenue drivers but security and developer tools are growing.
Tags: cloud computing, Azure, IT, SQL Server, Windows Server

Microsoft Elaborates on Long-Term Cloud Computing Play

In a presentation to financial analysts, Microsoft's head of server and tools, Bob Muglia, admits the Azure computing cloud initiative is still years from making a profit.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, Windows Server

Why Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Cloud Say, 'Supersize Me'

OS Roundup: Supersizing is out of style in the restaurant world, but Apple's iPad announcement last week and Microsoft's commercial launch of its cloud platform Azure yesterday prove it is very much alive in the tech industry.
Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, iPad, Apple

Azure Cloud Services for Less than a Dollar an Hour

Microsoft will start charging customers for its Azure Cloud Service on February first. Standard rates for a virtualized Windows Server ranges from 12 cents to 96 cents per hour.
Tags: Azure

Are Blue Skies Ahead for Microsoft Azure?

OS Roundup: Microsoft is heading for the cloud, but its mission will not be without turbulence.
Tags: cloud computing, operating system, Cloud, Microsoft, Azure

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