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Zend Server 8.5 Announced as PHP 7 Release Nears

Latest release of the PHP application server benefits from a new add-on gallery, Z-Ray technology and new routing capabilities.

Tags: PHP, Zend, servers, application server, Zend Server, Zend Server 8, PHP 7

Red Hat Sets JBoss Free with WildFly Application Server

Next-generation open source Java Application Server Project begins to take shape.

Tags: middleware, JBoss, Red Hat, application server, WildFly

Oracle Debuts Exalogic X3-2 Server

The company updates its business application server platform with Intel Sandy Bridge processors and a whole lot of RAM.

Tags: Oracle, server, servers, Exalogic, application server

Red Hat Previews JBoss Application Server 7

New open source middleware Java Server release nears completion.
Tags: Java, middleware, JBoss, Red Hat, application server

Apache Tomcat Gets New Support with WSO2 Application Server 4.0

What do you get when you cross web services and web applications? A new web services integrated app serving platform.
Tags: open source software, apache web server, Tomcat, Apache server, application server

2X Software Releases Virtual Desktop and Server Upgrade

The new 8.1 desktop and server features include new listing policies and client-side logging.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual server, virtual desktop, application server

Hypervisor Reach Contributes to Thinning of the OS

As the hypervisor transforms enterprise computing, operating systems are wasting away.
Tags: operating system, virtualization, hypervisor, application server

GigaSpaces Helps Transition to the Cloud as SaaS

The company's eXtreme Application Platform helps software vendors transition their products to the cloud.
Tags: Cloud, SaaS, application server, XAP

The Truth About Servers

When people refer to a piece of a hardware as "a server," they typically mean that it is running one or more pieces of server software. You must go under the hood to really understand what the server is doing.
Tags: server, mail server, web server, proxy server, application server

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