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Docker Debuts Swarm Mode and More at DockerCon

Docker Swarm Mode highlights an impressive set of announcements as Docker strives to make its container platform more convenient to set up, more secure and easier to use.

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Container Security Stepping Up to the Plate

The recent launch of Docker Security Scanning is just the latest sign that the security ecosystem around containers is getting stronger by the week.

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Managing Windows Server 2003 Migration Risks, Reaping Rewards

There are only a few short months before Microsoft stops supporting Windows Server 2003. IT experts share some insights on managing and surviving the transition.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Microsoft, iPhone, Apple, Windows Server 2008, smartphone, Samsung, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2012, Forefront Endpoint Protection, Galaxy S, Storage, Softchoice, server operating systems, System Center Endpoint Protection

Interesting Times Ahead in the Server Virtualization World

VMware may be the 800 pound gorilla in the virtualization market for now, but there are much bigger gorillas out there, and VMware has something they may well decide they want in the future.

Tags: Microsoft, EMC, virtualization, Apple, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, virtually speaking

eWEEK at 30: Intel, ARM Ramping Up Rivalry in Mobile, Server Markets

eWEEK 30: Intel is playing catch-up in the low-power mobile device market where ARM is its strongest rival. Now ARM is taking aim at Intel's bread-and-butter data center server market.

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10 Server Companies That Make You Think 'Buy,' 'Sell' or 'Hold'

Innovation makes companies memorable. Which of these companies will you remember tomorrow?
Tags: Oracle, IBM, EMC, Apple, HP

Will vSphere Slice the Apple?

Historically, Apple has been very protective of its desktop and server OS. However, with its server hardware line discontinued and its server OS all but gone, Apple may be preparing to change its tune. Some pundits have gone so far as to predict Mac OS X support may be coming in vSphere 5.
Tags: Apple, server virtualization, VMware, Mac OS X, vSphere

5 Strategies for Replacing Your Apple Xserves

By now, Apple's announcement that it plans to discontinue the Xserve has sunk in for many enterprises, but uncertainty remains over how best to plan for future growth and cope with existing Xserves coming to the end of their useful lives. Here are five paths to consider.
Tags: server, Apple, migration, xserve

Linux Looks to Apple Model

Want to deploy Linux on your servers without pulling your hair out? There may soon be an app for that. A consortium of Linux developers representing the major distros is developing an app installer system that will allow users from any distro to browse an application store, read ratings, and click on a button to download and install an application -- much like Apple's model.
Tags: Linux, Apple, Red Hat, app store, OS

Apple Moves to Ditch Corporate Baggage

Bye-bye, Xserve. Is the Cupertino gadget-maker getting ready to admit defeat and axe its OS X Server product line altogether? A key indicator will be whether a server edition of OS X Lion, the next version of OS X, is released this summer.
Tags: Apple, Mac OS X, xserve, server os

5 Operating Systems Starting 2011 With a Bang

2011 has only just begun, and already there is plenty going on in the world of OS software. From Apple OS X Lion to Microsoft Windows 8, here are the top 5 noteworthy OS developments.
Tags: Ubuntu, Apple, Windows 8, Mac OS X, server os

The Looming OS Identity Crisis

The gap between where desktop computing ends and mobile computing begins is becoming increasingly murkier as tablets make strides to cross the chasm. Not surprisingly, no two vendors demonstrate this more sharply than Microsoft vs. Apple.
Tags: Microsoft, iPhone, Apple, server os, mobile os

5 Things About Apple You Won't Hear From Steve Jobs

Apple's phenomenal success in the phone and electronic gadget markets is making its legacy computer business look increasingly anachronistic. Here are five things you should know before you invest in anything to do with Mac OS X in your data center or enterprise.
Tags: Apple, steve jobs, Mac OS X, xserve, MacBook Air

Apple Tells Developers, 'Mac OS X, Hold the Java'

Apple's recent decision to deprecate Java is yet another spitball at its traditional customer base. As the Mac platform reinvents itself as a glorified games console for Apple's latest batch of customers to play non-violent games, edit home movies and run a selection of sanitized Apple-approved apps, it seems even less likely to gain a foothold in the enterprise.
Tags: Java, developers, Apple, OS, Mac OS X

Plugging Security Vulnerabilities -- What's the Hurry?

The latest time line in fixing security vulnerabilities is a whopping 11.6 days. Why does it take vendors such a long time to recognize and detect new viruses, and is there anything you can do to protect your server OSes?
Tags: security vulnerabilities, Apple, malware, anti-virus, jailbreak

'Secure OS': The Latest IT Oxymoron

The latest security research from Secunia shows security vulnerabilities among the major vendors increasing as much as fourfold in the past four years. Apple may think it stands apart, but its record is spotty, and with iPhone jailbreaks now 'legal,' its security woes may only be beginning.
Tags: security, security vulnerabilities, iPhone, Apple, jailbreak

Apple vs. Microsoft: Patch Management Polar Opposites

OS Roundup: When it comes to OS patches, Apple's model of 'ignorance is bliss,' is not the way to go; nor is Microsoft's regularly scheduled blitz. What is the best approach for both users and vendors?
Tags: Microsoft, Apple, patches, Patch Tuesday, OS

Apple's Journey to the Top

OS Roundup: Was it exclusion or exclusivity that fueled Apple's journey to being the world's biggest technology company? Or perhaps it's Apple's understanding and ability that when the producer names the tune, the consumer must dance.
Tags: Microsoft, iPhone, Apple, OS, Mac OS X

It's a Windows vs. Linux Mobile Market Turf War

OS Roundup: Despite the noisier iPhone or Blackberry debate, the OS still matters. When it comes to mobile, Windows is losing ground to Linux and other OSes. Will the release of Windows Phone later this year enable Microsoft to prevail?
Tags: Android, mobile, iPhone, Apple, windows vs. linux

Meta on a Mac Delivers Efficiency Boost

Tip of the Trade: Tired of stretching your fingers to hit the ESC key on your Mac? There's a simple way to fix that.
Tags: Apple, datacenter, data center management, Mac OS X, Mac OS

Why Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Cloud Say, 'Supersize Me'

OS Roundup: Supersizing is out of style in the restaurant world, but Apple's iPad announcement last week and Microsoft's commercial launch of its cloud platform Azure yesterday prove it is very much alive in the tech industry.
Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, iPad, Apple

Apple vs. Oracle, aka Toy Box vs. Board Room

OS Roundup: The contrast couldn't be any starker: On Wednesday, Oracle will tell the world why it means business, and Apple will likely show off some new playthings.
Tags: Oracle, iPhone, Apple, Sun, OS

FreeBSD Shines While Apple Fails

OS Roundup: FreeBSD's response to a recent bug presents a sharp contrast to how Apple handles similar issues.
Tags: iPhone, Apple, Mac OS X, Mac OS, FreeBSD

Lack of Innovation a Commonality for Microsoft, Apple

Is innovation overrated? Both Windows and Mac OS X have found success by borrowing from each other and building on it -- a model not that dissimilar from Linux and the open source software movement.
Tags: Microsoft, Apple, OS, Mac OS X, Mac OS

Second Snow Leopard Update Released

The latest Apple update addresses a major vulnerability that surfaced in September as well as numerous bug fixes.
Tags: Apple, snow leopard, Mac OS X, update, Mac OS

Apple Dumps ZFS, as File Systems Battle Heats Up

OS Roundup: Apple last Friday announced ZFS would not be making an appearance in Snow Leopard. An interesting choice, given that some believe when the Sun-Oracle deal closes, the new entity may have the two most powerful file systems around.
Tags: file systems, Ubuntu, Apple, Sun Microsystems, ZFS

Mac Users Feel Sting of Snow Leopard Bug

A severe bug is causing data loss for many who neglected to back up.
Tags: Apple, Mac, bug, snow leopard, Mac OS X

VMware's Mac Users Get an (in)Fusion

Virtually Speaking: In the face of Windows 7's approaching official release date and Snow Leopard's recent release, VMware Tuesday unveiled a new version of its desktop virtualization environment for Macs. Is it the glue to a heterogeneous client environment?
Tags: Apple, Fusion, VMware, desktop virtualization, Mac OS X

Simple, Stylish and Fun Does Not Make for Data Center Nirvana

OS Roundup: As idyllic as it may seem, it's hard to see how any overly controlled and closed system, a la Apple, would ever triumph over an open system like that of Linux in the long term.
Tags: Apple, Red Hat, data center, OS

Apple: Consider Xserve Not a Cross-Out

Server Snapshot: Sure Apple is now best known for its iPhones and iPods, but that doesn't mean its server room offerings aren't worthy of consideration. Xserve, MacPro and its storage products are all solid data center contenders.
Tags: Apple, Mac OS X, xserve

Unix Hits the Big Four-Oh

OS Roundup: Happy birthday, Unix. There's much more to be said than 40 years old and not yet dead.
Tags: Linux, Microsoft, Apple, Unix, OS

Mac OS Seeing More Malware

Although Macs continue to face far fewer security problems than Windows, the trend line is going in the wrong direction.
Tags: Apple, Mac, malware, Mac OS X

Apple Leaps Forward With Snow Leopard

Apple unveiled the latest upgrade to Mac OS and its many new features, as well as new MacBook Pro notebooks.
Tags: Apple, WWDC, OS, Mac OS

MacFrugal, It's My Way or the iWay

Cover Your Assets: Is buying a Mac for your business frugal or frivolous?
Tags: Apple, Mac OS X, cost management, frugality

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