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Apache CloudStack 4.0 Expands the Open Source Cloud

Citrix is no longer the only player in CloudStack as Apache processes take hold.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Apache, Citrix, Apache Software Foundation, Apache server, OpenStack, CloudStack

Dell Pushes ARM Servers to Open Source Apache Project

Dell helps out the Apache Software Foundation with the donation of a new Calxeda ARM-powered server.

Tags: open source, Apache, Dell, ARM, Apache Software Foundation, Apache HTTP Server, Calxeda

NASA Tech Gets Open Source Apache Blessing

The OODT (Object-Oriented Data Technology) project hits top-level status -- could it usher in a new era of open source semantic middleware?
Tags: Apache, open source software, Apache Software Foundation, NASA

Getting Started With Apache Tomcat 7

Apache Tomcat is open source software that implements Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages, enabling sites to run Java servlets and Java-based dynamic content. Version 7.0.2 is in a mature beta, but is it data center ready?
Tags: Apache, open source tools, open source software, Apache Software Foundation, Tomcat

Apache Traffic Server Gets Top-Level Project Status

This Yahoo-led effort powers more than 400 TB of traffic per day, joining six other projects that have now been elevated to the top level of the Apache open source software project hierarchy.
Tags: open source, Apache, Yahoo, Apache Software Foundation, traffic server

Happy 15th Birthday Apache HTTP Server!

This special anniversary marks the birth of the Apache HTTP Server.
Tags: open source, Apache, Apache Software Foundation, Apache HTTP Server

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