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Utilizing htaccess for Redirecting Website Traffic

Discover how you can harness the power of Apache web server's htaccess files to perform a variety of essential directory and file redirects and access management functions.

Tags: open source, Apache, troubleshooting, web server, apache web server, htaccess, Server Administrator, server tutorial

Open Source Apache and Nginx Web Servers Get More Secure

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.9 and Nginx 1.5.12 debut with patches for security vulnerabilities.

Tags: open source, Apache, security patch, web server, server software, web servers, Nginx

Nginx Plus 2.0 Web Server Debuts with Enterprise-Grade Enhancements

Improved support for Java applications and advanced application health monitoring and high-availability features highlight the new release's enhancements.

Tags: Apache, web server, Nginx, high-availability, Nginx Plus 2.0, Nginx Web server, Java apps support

New In-Memory Malware Infiltrates Web Servers

A highly stealthy strain of malware that resides entirely in memory has been silently infecting some of the world's most widely-used web servers.

Tags: Linux, Apache, malware, web server, web servers, Nginx, malware threats

Apache CloudStack 4.0 Expands the Open Source Cloud

Citrix is no longer the only player in CloudStack as Apache processes take hold.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Apache, Citrix, Apache Software Foundation, Apache server, OpenStack, CloudStack

Dell Pushes ARM Servers to Open Source Apache Project

Dell helps out the Apache Software Foundation with the donation of a new Calxeda ARM-powered server.

Tags: open source, Apache, Dell, ARM, Apache Software Foundation, Apache HTTP Server, Calxeda

Apache Deltacloud Hits Open Source Cloud Server Milestone

Different cloud server technologies all come together and get abstracted in Deltacloud 1.0.

Tags: open source, Cloud, Apache, Cloud server, Red Hat, deltacloud, Apache Deltacloud

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.2 Released

This version of Apache is the second GA release of the new generation 2.4.x branch of Apache HTTPD.

Tags: Apache, web server, Apache HTTP Server, apache web server, httpd, Apache server, web servers

Editor's Note: A Time for Change at ServerWatch

ServerWatch Senior Managing Editor Amy Newman looks back on her 13 years of steering the site through industry and publishing changes, and welcomes a new editor on board.

Tags: open source, Apache, virtualization, server hardware, web server, ftp server, server software

Citrix Walks Away from OpenStack, Moves to Apache CloudStack

Citrix kills its commercial OpenStack efforts, claiming it wasn't Amazon compatible; OpenStack execs disagree.

Tags: open source, Apache, Citrix, OpenStack, Cloud.com

Apache 2.4 Delivers More Performance

Open source web server celebrates 17 years with a major new release that includes new cloud capabilities and speed that is 'better' than nginx

Tags: Apache

Nginx Passes Microsoft for Active Web Server Share

Latest Netcraft stats show Microsoft losing its No. 2 spot for the first time. And at No. 1? Yup, still Apache.

Tags: open source, Apache, web server, IIS, Apache HTTP Server, Netcraft, Nginx

Cloudera Expands Hadoop Management for the Enterprise

Cloudera Enterprise 3.7 debuts providing enterprise tools for managing Big Data.

Tags: Hadoop, Apache, Cloudera, big data

NGINX Goes Open Core

Popular open source web server tech raises $3 million as it moves into the next phase of development, should Apache be worried?

Tags: Apache, open source server, web server, apache web server, Nginx, Microsoft IIS

Apache Traffic Server 3.0 Accelerates Performance

New release of open source proxy caching server promises a nearly threefold improvement in requests per second.
Tags: cache, Apache, open source software, proxy, traffic server

Apache Updates HTTP Web Server for Security and the Future

Apache updates the world's most popular web server with a security update and a beta for the next generation of HTTP.
Tags: security, Apache, open source software, web server, HTTP

VMware Launches Open Source Cloud Foundry

New open source efforts from VMware aims to open up a platform-as-a-service offering enabling multi-cloud deployments.
Tags: cloud computing, Apache, open source software, VMware

Use Linux and WebDAV to Facilitate Online Collaboration

There are many options for online collaboration, but WebDAV remains a useful and straightforward way to share files. Software support at both the server and client ends sweetens the deal further.
Tags: Linux, Apache, Ubuntu, Debian, open source software

NASA Tech Gets Open Source Apache Blessing

The OODT (Object-Oriented Data Technology) project hits top-level status -- could it usher in a new era of open source semantic middleware?
Tags: Apache, open source software, Apache Software Foundation, NASA

Google Speeds Up the Web with Apache Web Server Module

Google exec details how new mod_pagespeed open source module accelerates web server traffic for Apache Web Server users and why Go Daddy's millions of users are going to get a speed boost as a result.
Tags: open source, Google, Apache, Go Daddy, apache web server

Getting Started With Apache Tomcat 7

Apache Tomcat is open source software that implements Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages, enabling sites to run Java servlets and Java-based dynamic content. Version 7.0.2 is in a mature beta, but is it data center ready?
Tags: Apache, open source tools, open source software, Apache Software Foundation, Tomcat

WSO2 Offerings Adds to Carbon 3.0 Platform

WSO2 announces new releases for its Apache-based middleware platform.
Tags: cloud computing, Apache

iPad meets Open Source With Help From WebDAV for Apache

Tip of the Trade: With GoodReader, iPad meets open source, and files can be shared between the popular tablet and a computer.
Tags: open source, Apache, iPad, Debian, OS

Apache Traffic Server Gets Top-Level Project Status

This Yahoo-led effort powers more than 400 TB of traffic per day, joining six other projects that have now been elevated to the top level of the Apache open source software project hierarchy.
Tags: open source, Apache, Yahoo, Apache Software Foundation, traffic server

Apache Cassandra 0.6 Released

Apache Cassandra is a second-generation 'NoSQL' distributed data store that has a shared-nothing architecture.
Tags: NoSQL, Apache, Open-source Servers, Apache Cassandra

Apache Directory Server Version 1.5.6 Released

Apache Directory Server version 1.5.6, with numerous enhancements and bug fixes, has been released.
Tags: Apache, bug fixes, release, Apache Directory Server

10 Server Apps That Should Be Available as Open-Source Software

Don't hold your breath waiting for the companies that sell these 10 products to add them to the open-source software rebellion, but in a perfect world, it could happen.
Tags: Microsoft, Apache, OS, open-source software, Open-source Server

Apache Web Server Flaws Patched

A handful of vulnerabilities in Apache Web server get fixed, including one flaw that impacts only Windows systems.
Tags: security, Apache, patches, apache web server, httpd

Happy 15th Birthday Apache HTTP Server!

This special anniversary marks the birth of the Apache HTTP Server.
Tags: open source, Apache, Apache Software Foundation, Apache HTTP Server

Apache to Offer Final Release of 1.3 Branch

The Apache Software Foundation has released the final release of the 1.3 branch, HTTP Sever 1.3.42.
Tags: open source, server, Apache, web server

Google's Custom Server is a Heavily Modified Apache Server

The Google Web Server (GWS) is a custom Google server that was originally built from open-source Apache code.
Tags: Google, server, Apache, web server, GWS

Resolving the /etc/hosts localhost Issue in Apache

Tip of the Trade: The default values in /etc/hosts used in several Linux distributions have long been known to cause issues. Here's how to fix them in Apache 2.
Tags: Linux, Apache, Ubuntu, Debian, OS

Google Web Server Runs 11 Million Active Sites

According to Netcraft, Google's custom-built server software runs nearly 13 per cent of all active Web sites.
Tags: Apache

Happy 10th Birthday, Apache Software Foundation

It's a shiny new decade for the organization behind the popular open source Web server. In 10 years the non-profit foundation has grown from its initial project, HTTP Web Server, to more than 60 projects.
Tags: open source, HTTPS, Apache, Web, web server

Apache 2.2.14 Security Fixes

The Apache Software Foundation Monday released a new update to its Apache HTTP server.
Tags: Apache, Web, web server

Apache Server Performance Optimization

SWatch Reader Favorite: Squeezing the most performance out of your Apache server can make difference in how your Web site functions and the impression it makes. We look at configuration and installation, two areas where you have the most control.
Tags: Apache, Web, apache web server, Apache server

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