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IBM Powers Up Server Lineup

IBM debuts new entry-level POWER servers for AIX and Linux.

Tags: Linux, IBM, virtualization, servers, POWER 7, AIX, PowerVM

HP-UX: More Than Reliable, Middle-Aged and Dull

Is HP's emphasis on new HP-UX features aimed squarely at Oracle users indicative of a midlife crisis in a market with limited room for growth or much like a prudent bank manager sizing up the threats and opportunities for its UNIX?
Tags: Unix, Unix server, OS, HP-UX, AIX

IBM, HP Bring Unix Server Wares Front and Center

The Unix server world was abuzz last week with IBM kicking off the public beta of AIX 7, and HP launching a no holds barred offense to persuade former Sun customers to abandon SPARC/Solaris environments in favor of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on ProLiant servers.
Tags: IBM, Solaris, HP, Unix server, AIX

Now With Server Virtualization Capabilities -- IBM Launches Open Beta for AIX 7

High-end Unix systems aren't usually given the beta treatment, but IBM is betting on a wide test for some new virtualization capabilities.
Tags: IBM, Unix, RISC, server virtualization, AIX

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