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  • Update: 6.5 - Date: May 01, 2007 - UpgradeMeter: 4
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Version6.0 (All versions: 6.0) Pricing Details$75,000 for 100 end-users, with additional end-user licenses and add-on modules available. A fully managed service offering is also available and is priced on an individual case basis according to the configuration, term, and number of end-users.
DateJan 13, 2005 Rating
(out of 5)
OSSolaris, Windows 2000, Unix (all), Windows Server 2003
DescriptionA J2EE Web application that mixes IM and chat in a highly secure and persistent corporate communication setting. CompanyParlano
Download Homepagehttp://www.parlano.com/mindali...


Parlano's MindAlign starts off where other IM server systems claim they can go. In addition to offering the standard IM and chat capabilities, the enterprise-level Java application maintains persistent forums, chat threads, and more.
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