April 24, 2014


Server Updates

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Version7 (All versions: 7 - MX (6.0) - 5.0 - 4.0) Pricing DetailsFrom $1,299 for the Standard edition and $5,999 for the Enterprise Edition, details here
DateApr 26, 2005 Rating
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OSSolaris, AIX, MacOS X Server, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2000, Windows XP, SUSE Linux, Windows Server 2003
DescriptionAn application server built into a multimedia-oriented server-side scripting environment CompanyAdobe
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Macromedia has redesigned its ColdFusion server package, building it with Java and in compliance with J2EE 1.3 as well as able to fit into .NET technology. But the app server aspect is just one component of this integrated offering that includes a Web services engine and strong linkage to the other products in the Macromedia MX family.
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