April 20, 2014

Ataman TCP Remote (ATRLS)

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  • Update: 3.1 - Date: Aug 20, 2001 - UpgradeMeter: 4
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Version3.1 (All versions: 3.1 - 2.5) Pricing DetailsFree 15-day evaluation. Shareware - $69
DateAug 19, 2001 Rating
(out of 5)
OSWindows NT 4.0, Windows 2000
DescriptionAtaman TCP Remote Logon Services offer rlogind, telnetd, and rexecd CompanyAtaman Software
Download http://www.ataman.com/product_... Homepagehttp://www.ataman.com/atrls_in...


The Ataman TCP Remote Logon Services (ATRLS) are a collection of Windows NT servers that allow your users to remotely connect to a host Windows NT system running one of the ATRLS services. The telnetd service allows users with telnet clients to remotely logon to a host computer.
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