April 24, 2014

Vermillion FTP Daemon

Server Updates

  • Update: 1.31 - Date: Jan 16, 2004 - UpgradeMeter: 2
  • Update: 1.30 - Date: Dec 07, 1999 - UpgradeMeter: 2
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Version1.23 (All versions: 1.23) Pricing DetailsFree 30-day evaluation (requires an activation key). Commercialware - $89
DateDec 23, 1999 Rating
(out of 5)
OSWindows NT 4.0, Windows 95/98
DescriptionA high-performance FTP server for Windows 95/98/NT CompanyArcane Software
Download http://www.arcanesoft.com/home... Homepagehttp://www.arcanesoft.com/


FTP servers all perform primarily the same functions, so an FTP server that is easy to set up and at the same time provides extensive feedback on performance is what most users need to look for when shopping for an FTP server. This combination can be found in Vermillion FTP Daemon, one of the best FTP servers on the market.
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