Real-Time Communication Server Overview

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted March 10, 2004

Four types of servers comprise our real-time communication category:

  • Chat servers enable a large number of users to exchange information in an environment similar to an Internet newsgroups but with real-time discussion capabilities.
  • IRC, or Internet Relay Chat servers, are a collection of server networks (or 'nets') that allow users to connect to each other via an IRC network.
  • Instant messaging servers, like chat servers, facilitate communication in real time. However, while a chat room environment typically handles two or people involved in one or many discussions, instant messaging generally involves one conversation between two people.
  • Instant messaging gateway servers act as the intermediary between consumer instant messaging networks and internal corporate networks. The server overlays IT management, compliance, and security features onto plain-text, unencrypted and anonymous public instant messaging clients.

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