Server Shipments, Revenue Decline in 2002 Latin America Server Market

By Amy Newman (Send Email)
Posted Feb 24, 2003

Server shipments in Latin America declined 15.6 percent in 2002, and server revenue dropped 19.2 percent compared to 2001, according to Dataquest's, a unit of Gartner, latest findings.

Server shipments in Latin America declined 15.6 percent in 2002 compared to 2001, and server revenue dropped 19.2 percent. Dataquest attributes the drop to a combination of economic and political forces.

"While mostly large corporations are keeping up with their IT purchasing plans, medium and small-sized businesses are strongly affected by the contraction of the economies," said Lillian Alvarado, senior industry analyst covering servers for Gartner Dataquest's Computing Platforms Latin America group.

Hewlett-Packard maintained the No. 1 position in server shipments, despite a 23.6 percent decline in the number of units shipped. Dell remained in third place despite exhibiting the strongest growth rate in server shipments, strong growth in every country in the region, and an increased penetration in all segments of the market, including small business and government.

"In the highly competitive Latin America server market, our research shows that Dell is effectively conquering niches in small and midsize businesses. Dell's success is coming at the expense of other top-tier vendors, as well as local builders," said Luis Anavitarte, vice president and research director for Gartner Dataquest's Latin America group.

Latin America Server Vendor Unit Shipment Estimates for 2002
Company 2002 2001 Growth
Shipments Market Share
Shipments Market Share
HP 43,069 29.0 56,362 32.0 -23.6
IBM 28,960 19.5 27,993 15.9 3.5
Dell 20,231 13.6 15,626 8.9 29.5
Alaska 5,484 3.7 5,717 3.2 -4.1
Itautec 4,971 3.3 5,986 3.4 -17.0
Others 45,816 30.8 64,322 36.5 -28.8
Total Market 148,531 100.0 176,006 100.0 -15.6
Source: Gartner Dataquest (February 2003)

Server revenue in Latin America suffered an even larger decrease than units. Dataquest attributes this to the greater contraction in the RISC segment of the market.

"This segment has been hit harder by unfavorable economic conditions in the region because of partial migration toward lower priced Intel servers. All major vendors in this segment experienced lower shipments and revenue," Alvarado noted.

Here, IBM was the top vendor for server revenue, garnering 45.3 percent of the market. Its sales were concentrated in the industry standard server segment. Dell again ranked third despite being the only top-tier vendor to show an increase in server revenue in 2002.

Latin America Server Vendor Revenue Estimates for 2002
(Actual Dollars)
Company 2002 2001 Growth
Revenue Market Share
Revenue Market Share
IBM 666,713,263 45.3 723,934,073 39.8 -7.9
Hewlett-Packard 371,316,988 25.3 519,908,107 28.6 -28.6
Sun 121,983,139 8.3 232,200,324 12.8 -47.5
Dell 97,426,860 6.6 73,263,500 4.0 33.0
Itautec 53,471,013 3.6 53,128,475 2.9 0.6
Others 159,386,675 10.8 218,171,089 12.0 -26.9
Total Market 1,470,297,938 100.0 1,820,605,568 100.0 -19.2
Source: Gartner Dataquest (February 2003)

From a country-by-country perspective, shipments in Argentina declined 76.8 percent. Revenue declined nearly as much -- by 66.8 percent. Dataquest attributes this to the financial crisis from which the country is still suffering.

Brazil also experienced negative growth in shipments and revenue. In this case elections were cited as the culprit, as they created wide speculation, which was reflected in the volatility of the exchange rate toward the end of the year, and thus made purchasing imported equipment more expensive.

Conditions in Venezuela also deteriorated during the fourth quarter of 2002. Social unrest affected shipments and revenue.

Information for this report was compiled by Dataquest's Computing Platforms Latin America group. The group provides research on key aspects of the dynamic PC, server, and printer hardware markets in Latin America. The focus is on regional and country issues in the top-eight Latin American markets and the Rest of Latin America (ROLA) category, into which Central American and Caribbean countries are grouped.

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