Sun Is World's Fastest Growing Server Company, Says IDC Tally Page 2

By Jeffrey Meltzer (Send Email)
Posted Mar 14, 2001

Sun garnered the No. 1 spot for shipments in the midrange UNIX market with 37 percent market share, while HP had 30 percent and IBM 11 percent.

In the high-end UNIX segment, Sun took first place in worldwide revenue with 47 percent share (,107M) and first place in worldwide UNIX shipments with 56 percent share (1926 units). In revenue, IBM came in with only 42M and 19 percent share. In units, they shipped 342 systems for 10 percent of the market.

About the Sun(TM) Server Family

The Sun Enterprise(TM) server family is the industry's only single, binary-compatible product line featuring a range of servers that scale from one to 64 processors -- providing customers with flexibility, investment protection and an unparalleled growth path. With availability as the key attribute, enterprises and service providers find Sun servers an ideal platform for the service driven network. Designed for remote/branch offices and datacenter environments, these systems provide a robust infrastructure for a range of network services, applications, and backend databases.

The Netra(TM) server family builds on the reliability and scalability Sun systems are known for -- adding physical and computing features needed to operate in extreme environmental conditions. The carrier-grade line of systems is popular in the telco market. In addition, the small profile and rackability of many of the systems, make them ideal for service providers.

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