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Is Virtualization Hitting the Wall?
A recent survey of x86 virtualization penetration shows few enterprises exceeding 50 percent and many running into SLA issues.

Global Server Market Continues Rebound: IDC
Latest figures on global server shipments and sales underscore continuing rebound in the sector, with each measure posting double-digit annual growth.

Gartner Reports Server Sales Up 17 Percent
It may not be time to sing ‘happy days are here again’ quite yet, but server sales were up significantly in 2010, the analyst firm reports.

Server Hardware Revenue Growth Strongest in a Decade
Worldwide server hardware revenue in the latest quarter increased 13.2 percent from 2009, according to IDC. The research firm also reports HP and IBM remain in a tight race for bragging rights to the leading share of revenue.

Did Cloud Computing Jump the Shark?
Gartner sees cloud computing on its way to the Trough of Disillusionment, while IDC says cloud computing is the fastest growing IT segment.

Linux Gaining Share at Windows' Expense
New Linux Foundation Enterprise User Survey data reveals that enterprises are set to add more Linux at the expense of Windows during next five years, though users are not heading to the cloud.

IT Buying More x86 Servers, Paying Less: IDC
Sales of x86 servers are taking off like a shot, RISC is shriveling up, and prices are still dropping as IT buyers snap up less-expensive servers.

Worldwide Server Hardware Shipments Up 23 Percent: Gartner
After a year of free-falling, server hardware sales are finally starting to rebound. While the numbers are good now, the industry is coming off a drop in sales in previous quarters. Which parts of the server industry are headed in the right direction?

x86 Servers Lead Nascent Global Server Sales Resurgence
After a year of spiraling toward the ground, server sales may be pulling out of the dive, with x86 servers leading the pack. Revenue continued to fall, yet it's still progress.

TPC Benchmarks Now Measure Server Power Use
The benchmarking standards group has added per-watt rating to how it measures server transactions.

2010: The Year of Virtualizing Securely
Virtually Speaking: Two sets of survey results released this week point to security as the next major hurdle for virtualization.

IDC Sees Server Business Helped by Intel, AMD
New chips from the two competitors have given customers a reason to start buying again.

Server Market No Longer Circling the Drain
While year-over-year continues to look grim, quarter-to-quarter shows signs of improvement.

The New Windows vs. Linux Debate
Virtually Speaking: With the OS and hypervisor converging, the phrase 'heterogeneous data center' may soon have new meaning.

Server Sales Plummet by a Quarter in First Quarter
Along with the rest of tech, server vendors took a pounding.

Server Sales Fall 14 Percent in Q4
The latest report from IDC shows Unix servers with more staying power than low-end x86 servers as the global economic crisis hits the once-thriving server business.

More Than 1 Million New Sites for Apache
According to the latest survey from Netcraft, during the month of January, Apache HTTP open source web server gained 1.27 million sites while Microsoft's IIS lost 2 million.

Survey Shows Continued Growth for Web in 3Q08
Despite penetration levels remaining flat, Apache and Microsoft continue to dominate the Web server market. The Web continues its growth trajectory, however, with new Web server options in the driver's seat.

The Power of Perception
OS Roundup: How rational are the choices we make about the operating systems we run?

IDC: Q2 Server Sales Have Their Price
Servers, especially those with x86 architectures, are getting cheaper, which means enterprises can afford to buy more.

Gartner Reports Healthy Q2 for Server Market
Dell and IBM renewed their server efforts, while Sun struggled and HP hummed along.

Virtually Speaking: IBM Goes High on Linux
IBM's research shows virtualization adoption is helping to bring Linux to the high-end.

Netcraft Survey Shows Continued Growth for 2Q08
Once again, the Web continues to grow, and Apache and Microsoft continue to dominate, even as new Web server options snuff out more-venerable options.

'Cheap' Storage Still Costly
Worldwide enterprise storage costs are predicted to spike to more than $2 billion by 2009, according to IDC. Part of the reason: storage infrastructure.

IDC Reports First-Quarter Server Sales Remain Brisk
Despite widespread predictions that virtualization and a souring economy would dent the server market, growing revenue suggests otherwise.

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