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Inside Calxeda ARM [VIDEO]
Calxeda co-founder Larry Wikelius shows off ARM system-on-chip hardware and explains why and where ARM is growing.

IBM AS/400 Turns 25: Will It Last Another 25 Years?
IBM's System I isn't just a relic of the past and neither is RPG IV. Where are they going from here?

What's Next for IBM Power? [VIDEO]
IBM Server Chief talks about Linux and takes aim at Oracle SPARC.

Could VMware's vCloud Hybrid Service Arrive to a Tepid Response?
The reaction to the company's new IaaS cloud offering can essentially be summed up in a single word.

VMware at a Virtualization and Cloud Crossroads?
Could the cloud prove considerably less lucrative than initially imagined for VMware? And after years of having the server virtualization market virtually to itself, VMware is now facing serious competition there as well.

Why Did Juniper Join OpenStack? [VIDEO]
Bob Muglia explains why Juniper is involved with OpenStack.

Embotics Manages to Meld VMware and Hyper-V Hypervisor Use
vCloud Director may be comprehensive, but it's also relatively expensive and arguably overkill for the needs of many enterprises. That's where alternatives like V-Commander come into play.

Interop: From Server Virtualization to Private Cloud
Panel discusses what's needed to help server virtualization succeed in the cloud era.

How Red Hat Does Open Source: From GNOME to OpenStack
Red Hat's Mark McLoughlin currently holds the title as the top OpenStack developer in the world by volume of code commits, but he wasn't always a cloud guy.

PayPal Picks OpenStack at VMware's Expense
What impact will PayPal's recent move to drop VMware have on the virtualization company's hopes of becoming a dominant player in cloud computing infrastructure?

The Cloud Application Hypervisor Has Arrived
You've heard of a hypervisor, and you've probably heard of a storage hypervisor. But here's a new one to add to the virtualization lexicon.

Who Offers the Best Public Cloud Storage System?
A recent report from Nasuni ranks public cloud storage providers, but a closer look at one of their top picks highlights the pros and the cons of cloud storage right now.

VMware Closing In on Vision for Software-Defined Data Center
In less than a year VMware has spent over a billion dollars acquiring the missing parts needed to turn its software-defined data center vision into a reality.

Handling Heterogeneous Hypervisor Environments with HotLink's SuperVISOR
What's the dominant hypervisor today? While VMware may be the obvious answer, HotLink's CEO has a different take on the matter.

Microservers: Up and Coming Solution or Cute Holiday Boutique Gift?
Microservers seem to be quite the rage in the server world these days, but are they really a serious solution that can be used as "real" servers?

Tackling the 'Last Mile' of Workloads for Virtualization
A virtualization expert weighs in on how to effectively handle the mission-critical applications that tend to be the hardest to virtualize.

ServerWatch's Top 10 Virtualization Experts You Need to Follow
Follow these experts to stay on top of the latest news and trends in virtualization.

Survey: 51% of x86 Servers Now Virtualized
A new study from 451 Research reveals that a slim majority of x86 servers are now virtualized.

VMware's Moves Signal a Shift in Server Virtualization for 2013
Three key actions from VMware punctuate the changes in the server virtualization ecosphere over the last twelve months, but what exactly do they mean for the future?

Why the Pivotal Initiative Spinoff Makes Sound Sense
VMware and EMC are taking both a back-to-basics and a forward-looking approach in committing key technologies and resources to the Pivotal Initiative.

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