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OpenStack Open Source Cloud Distributions Take Shape
Ubuntu, SUSE and Red Hat explain how the nascent market for packaged cloud server distributions is beginning to shape up.

Ubuntu Helps Accelerate OpenStack Deployments
Mark Shuttleworth details what it takes to deliver OpenStack in production, in 3 minutes or less.

Can OpenStack Overcome Its Cloudy Climate?
Will political in-fighting and dissent over open and closed cloud platform alternatives prevent cloud providers from helping make the cloud enterprise a reality?

What the vTax's Demise Means for Server Virtualization
Is VMware's elimination of the hated "vTax" a sign that the company is changing its focus to where the real money is?

Red Hat: Linux on ARM Is No Joke
The Linux vendor is putting serious effort into enabling Linux for ARM.

OpenStack Foundation Aiming to Advance the Open Cloud
The incoming Executive Director of the group responsible for overseeing OpenStack's development provides insight into the foundation's official launch and the challenges that lie ahead.

Oracle Pushing Forward on Linux and Solaris
Wim Coekaerts explains how Oracle's Linux team works in the post-Sun acquisition era alongside Solaris.

Facebook's Open Compute Plans to Remake Servers
The social networking site’s lead systems engineer details his company's approach and plans for changing server infrastructure.

If Linus Torvalds Got Hit By a Bus Would Linux Die?
Linux creator addresses the issues of leadership and advises new developers to also look for different projects to contribute their code.

VMware View 5.1: Relieving Potential Pain from VDI Projects
The latest version of VMware View debuts with new functionality to improve the overall user experience, but are the enhancements enough to warrant an upgrade for your environment?

Solid State Storage's Surging Impact on Server Virtualization
With NAND flash technology and SSD prices continuing to fall, server virtualization is set to reap the benefits.  Is it time to splash some cash on flash?

What's Behind VMware Changing Out Its Highly Successful CEO?
VMware has enjoyed record growth and innovation during Paul Maritz's time as CEO, so why exactly is EMC's Pat Gelsinger set to take over on September 1st?

HP Pushes Forward on Itanium Unix for Scale-Out Computing
When exactly does it make sense to use Unix and when does it make sense to use Linux? For HP's Business Critical Systems customers, the answer depends on the use case.

Solving Virtualized Storage Problems with Thin Provisioning
While server virtualization and cloud computing can lead to storage problems, many of these can be eased by the sensible use of thin provisioning.

The Future of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Red Hat reveals what the next generation of enterprise servers running Linux will likely include.

HP Moving from Unix Itanium to x86 Odyssey on Linux
HP is moving forward on its plans for a new generation of mission-critical x86 servers, powered by Linux. What does that mean for Unix on Itanium?

Big Switch Relieves Virtual Machine Mobility Migraines
Big Switch Networks offers a solution that should make life a little easier for any company involved in server virtualization or cloud computing projects.

Hyper-V 2012 Heats Up VMware vs. Microsoft Server Virtualization Showdown
The recent barbs traded between VMware and Microsoft can mean only one thing -- each sees the other as a real threat in the server virtualization and private cloud computing markets.

NASA Ditching Open Source OpenStack? Not So Fast
While Amazon boasts that NASA is saving $1M by moving to AWS, the truth is a bit more complex.

Global Server Revenues Decline in 1Q12
The latest global server reports are out from both IDC and Gartner, and despite a few bright spots, overall the news isn't good.

CloudPassage Looks to Lock Down Cloud Servers
The two-year-old startup provides a security platform to protect cloud users' virtual machines, targeting an area of cloud computing the firm says remains widely misunderstood.

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