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13 Free Network and DNS Tools
These 13  free network and DNS tools will go a long way toward helping you administer, troubleshoot, manage and secure your network.

4 Mobile Management Solutions to Keep Your Enterprise Secure and in Sync
As mobile devices in the enterprise grow by leaps and bounds, enterprises' ability to remotely manage them, including enforcing security policies and keeping data in sync, becomes ever more important. Here are four solutions to help resolve this growing data center dilemma.

Arkeia Network Backup Version 9.1 Review
No matter what size of company you have, Arkeia's Network Backup can work for you. Backup local systems or over a WAN to disk, tape or the cloud.

The 9 Best Low-Cost RADIUS Servers
Looking for a RADIUS server? No need to spend a fortune. Here are nine inexpensive options to consider.

Microsoft to Debut Resilient File System with Windows 8 Server
The new ReFS file system, designed for resiliency and optimized for extreme scale, will be introduced as a storage system for Windows 8 Server, but will later be implemented as storage for clients and eventually as a boot volume.

OpenSUSE 12.1 Proffers Polish and Performance
From its performing OS to the cutting-edge open source projects included with it, OpenSUSE 12.1 truly has something for everyone. But is it really flawless?

File Sharing Made Easy With Media Servers and NAS
Centralized file sharing and storage is a snap with these five open source NAS and media servers.

Dell PowerEdge R210 II: Good Things Come in Small Packages
This enterprise-ready, ultra-compact, 1-socket  server from Dell may very well change your perception of rackmount servers.

Kicking the Tires on Windows 8 Server
We take the developer preview release of Windows 8 Server out for a spin and find it surprisingly crash-free.

7 Open and Free Network Servers
Free, open source router and firewall solutions abound. Many also offer other LAN services, such as a VPN server, hotspot gateway and captive portal. These seven router projects are suitable for SMBs and enterprises alike.

10 Server and Admin BlackBerry Apps
These 10 BlackBerry smartphones apps make monitoring, connecting, transferring and managing your servers a snap.

SuperMicro SuperServer 5037C-T, a Server Option Beyond the Big Three
Looking for a solid entry-level server? Prefer to work with a smaller reseller rather than a large OEM? The SuperMicro SuperServer 5037C-T might be just right for your organization.

12 Awesome Server Admin Apps for Windows Phone 7
Managing your data center from your smart phone is no longer fantasy. Server admins will find a wide selection of Windows Phone 7 apps to monitor, manage and administer as well as perform a variety of server-related tasks.

NComputing's L300: Exploring the Server and Client Side of VDI
NComputing's L300 ties VDI into a nice neat package. Learn how to get your servers and clients up and running in a jiffy.

HP's ProLiant DL 385 G7 Packs Powerful Punch
Plenty of possibilities from the latest version of this AMD Opteron powered workhorse.

10 Server and Admin Apps for Your iPhone or iPad
Find out the 10 best iOS-powered apps for server monitoring, transferring files and administering your data center from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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