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VMware Sees Continued Growth Opportunity in the Cloud
VMware reports first quarter fiscal 2014 revenue at $1.36 as Software Defined Data Center vision grows.

AMD to Launch ARM-Based Opteron Server Chip in Late 2014
The company has begun sampling its "Seattle" SoC, a key part of its "ambidextrous computing" effort.

IBM Gearing Up for New Power8 Servers
IBM's first quarter 2014 results show a continued decline in hardware revenue, but Big Blue has a plan and new technology in the works.

AMD Demos x86 APU Server Running Fedora Linux
The chip maker is looking to show the strength of the software ecosystem around heterogeneous computing processing.

Microsoft Says Azure Cloud Services Safe From Heartbleed SSL Flaw
The company assures users Azure is immune to the OpenSSL flaw that affects much of the Internet. Customers running Linux images should remain on alert.

VMware Extends Cloud Desktop Horizon
Horizon 6 launch takes direct aim at Citrix by enabling enterprises with new virtual desktop capabilities.

Lenovo Deal for IBM's Servers Getting Close U.S. Scrutiny
Government officials reportedly are worried that buying servers from a Chinese company may endanger national security.

Linux 3.14 Stabilizes ZRAM, Reduces Buffer Bloat
The new Linux kernel includes improved memory compression, scheduling and networking capabilities.

Red Hat Banking on OpenStack for Future Growth
Red Hat's fiscal 2014 revenues top $1.5 billion as interest in OpenStack and RHEL 7 set the stage for more growth to come.

Google Redefines Reserved and On-Demand Cloud Instances
Google lowers pricing and creates new options for cost-effective cloud computing.

AMD's Massive Data Center Consolidation Project Moving Along
Advanced Micro Devices is progressing on its plans to move all of its North American data centers into a single 153,000-square-foot facility near Atlanta.

Open Source Apache and Nginx Web Servers Get More Secure
Apache HTTP Server 2.4.9 and Nginx 1.5.12 debut with patches for security vulnerabilities.

Microsoft's SQL Server 2014 Arrives April 1
The newest edition of Microsoft's database platform helps complete the software giant's "cloud-first" vision by reaching RTM and launching in less than 2 weeks.

Oracle Server Business Shows Signs of Growth
Larry Ellison claims he's regularly beating IBM for big server deals as Oracle Engineered Systems take off.

Lenovo: No Pay Cuts After IBM Server Deal Closes
Lenovo looks to assure striking Chinese workers that the company will not slash wages or benefits once it takes over IBM's x86 server business.

Xen 4.4 ARMs for Virtualization, Adds SPICE
The open-source Xen project continues to prosper as a Linux Foundation collaboration project.

Linux Kernel Patching Gets Dynamic
Oracle, SUSE and Red Hat have now all launched efforts that promise zero-downtime patching. How do the three approaches differ?

Piston Updates OpenStack Cloud Platform
Migrating from one OpenStack release to the next is a key challenge that Piston Cloud Computing has claimed to have conquered.

eWEEK at 30: Intel, ARM Ramping Up Rivalry in Mobile, Server Markets
eWEEK 30: Intel is playing catch-up in the low-power mobile device market where ARM is its strongest rival. Now ARM is taking aim at Intel's bread-and-butter data center server market.

2013 Global Server Market Continues to Decline
The latest analyst numbers from IDC and Gartner show a continued revenue backslide in 2013, though actual server shipment volume is up.

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