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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Debuts
The first major update to SUSE's flagship distribution since the company was split out from Novell is now available.

HP Expands Moonshot Server Portfolio with x86 and Xen
HP's scale-out high-density server platform debuts new application-focused solutions.

Mirantis Raises $100M for OpenStack Cloud Efforts
Armed with its latest funding round, OpenStack specialist Mirantis is positioning itself for an IPO in 2016.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Debuts with Support on RHEL 7
New features that first appeared in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 come to RHEL 6 as users now also get the ability to run RHEL 6 on RHEL 7.

OpenStack Juno Cloud Features Trove Database-as-a-Service Updates
The upcoming open-source OpenStack Juno cloud platform will now support more databases and database features.

VCE Launches New Converged Server Platforms
Joint venture for VMware, Cisco and EMC continues to grow and bear fruit.

IBM Expands POWER8 Server Portfolio with Ubuntu Linux
New server systems and Data Engine solution bundles debut from Big Blue.

AMD to Demo Hadoop Running on ARM-Based Server
The demonstration will show the maturity of the ecosystem around the 64-bit ARM architecture as it moves into the data center.

HP Announces First 64-Bit ARM Moonshot Server
HP adds a pair of new servers to its Project Moonshot high-density platform.

Mirantis OpenStack 5.1 Re-Fuels Cloud Server
Incremental update includes new access control security and VMware NSX support for networking virtualization.

Red Hat Set to Grow Thanks to Cloud and Containers
The server OS vendor reports its second quarter fiscal 2015 revenue and paints an optimistic picture for the road ahead.

VMware Seeks to Provide Customers Safe Passage to Its MDM Solutions
How exactly has AirWatch been enhanced since being acquired by VMware earlier this year, and how does VMware's new "Safe Passage" tie into the company's strategy?

Canonical Partners with AMD for Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud Server
AMD is positioning its SeaMicro SM15000 as a cloud-in-a-box solution.

Intel Sampling Xeon D SoC for Microservers, Networking, Storage
The processor eventually will join two other 64-bit Atom-based SoCs aimed at dense data center environments, a segment also being targeted by ARM.

Intel Xeon E5 v3 Aims to Be a Leading Indicator
Intel pulls the wraps off its latest server silicon, promising dramatic improvements in performance, security and monitoring capabilities.

Red Hat Extends Cisco Server Partnership
A partnership between Red Hat and Cisco USC that began in 2009 is still going strong, with continued collaboration on the cloud a point of emphasis.

Cisco Expands UCS Server Lineup for Cloud and the Edge
UCS rack and blade servers now have some company in Cisco's biggest server update in years.

New Gen 9 Servers Arriving from HP
Next-generation servers set to support 40 Gigabit Ethernet networking and 12 Gb/s storage drives.

Server Market Grows to $12.6 Billion in 2Q14
IDC sees some positive trends emerging in the server market.

IBM Set to Debut New Power 8 Servers in October [VIDEO]
IBM's General Manager of Power takes aim at Intel and details why openness matter for chip design.

Docker Founder Details His Plan to Secure Virtualization
VIDEO: Solomon Hykes explains what's coming next in the open-source Docker container virtualization project.

Is KVM or Docker Faster for Server Virtualization?
A new report from IBM stacks up Linux container against KVM virtual machine performance.

Oracle Announces SPARC M7 with Security, Performance Enhancements
Integration with Database and Java development teams leads to new server CPU innovations.

HP Unveils Smaller, Less Costly Helion Cloud Platform
The company, which is investing $1 billion in its cloud initiative, is continuing to grow the services offered under the Helion umbrella.

OpenVMS Coming to x86 Servers
HP licenses future development of DEC's OpenVMS to a startup that will push the server operating system forward.

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