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CoreOS Enables ISE to Use Containers for Options Trading
Bare metal servers across New York, New Jersey and Chicago now use CoreOS to enable over 150 million messages a second.

HPE Enters Composable Infrastructure Space With Synergy
The vendor joins Cisco, Intel and others in offering highly agile, configurable infrastructures that can run both traditional and cloud workloads.

Vapor IO Brings OpenDCRE to General Availability
Open Data Center Runtime Environment (OpenDCRE) is now production-grade ready as an evolutionary step forward from IPMI.

Microsoft Previews Hyper-V Containers for Windows Server 2016
Wondering how Hyper-V containers work in Microsoft's upcoming server software release? Intrepid administrators and developers can get an early look today.

Mirantis Led FUEL Project Gets Installed Under OpenStack Big Tent
Popular OpenStack installer and tools effort gains new momentum by entering formal OpenStack model.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Adds Security, DR Features
This year's second major milestone release of the leading Linux operating system platform provides new security features as well as improved disaster recovery.

Docker Reaches Across Universes at Dockercon EU
At Dockercon EU, the myriad ways that Docker is being used in this world and beyond were on display.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Embraces Docker
VIDEO: Hewlett Packard Enterprise VP Omri Gazitt discusses DockerCon EU news and why containers are the path to platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

Rancher Corrals Docker Containers
Rancher expands its efforts with a server hardware partnership and new persistent storage capabilities.

Rackspace Sees OpenStack Public Cloud Demand Slowing
As revenues rise at Rackspace, managed cloud services across multiple platforms is the strategy for the way forward.

OpenStack Building a Developer Story for Mitaka
Mirantis co-founder Boris Renski discusses efforts within the OpenStack community to engage developer adoption.

Fedora 23 Linux Secures Servers and the Cloud
The latest milestone release of Red Hat's community Linux distribution improves workstation, server and cloud capabilities, with new container creation capabilities coming in Fedora 24.

Blue Box Prospers under IBM Ownership at OpenStack Tokyo [VIDEO]
Jesse Proudman of Blue Box discusses his company's new release and why IBM's ownership is pushing his company forward like never before.

HP Expands Helion at OpenStack Summit Tokyo [VIDEO]
HP moves away from Triple-O with Helion 2.0

Oracle Puts Software in SPARC M7 to Improve Security, Performance
The new Silicon in Software initiative embeds data in memory security and data encryption functions onto the M7 processor.

Oracle Puts OpenStack into Docker Containers
New approach is aimed to make it easier to install a cloud.

IBM Sees Promise in Power 8 Servers and System z Mainframes
Big Blue reports third quarter fiscal 2015 revenue of $19.3 billion.

Intel Data Center Revenues Driving Growth
While the PC market is far from dead, it's not Intel's growth leader either.

OpenStack Murano Evolving as an On Ramp for Cloud Apps
Getting applications to run as a service in the cloud isn't as hard as it once was.

Linus Torvalds Still Not Afraid of Being Hit by a Bus
Linux creator talks about what's needed in Linux and why Linux succession still isn't a concern.

Linux Foundation Doubles Down on Real-Time Linux
After a decade of efforts trying to evolved Real-Time Linux, a new Linux Foundation Collaborative Project enters the fray.

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