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Docker Debuts Swarm Mode and More at DockerCon
Docker Swarm Mode highlights an impressive set of announcements as Docker strives to make its container platform more convenient to set up, more secure and easier to use.

NGINX Is the Most Popular Docker Container App [VIDEO]
NGINX Inc CEO Gus Robertson details the success his company is having in the container world and where it's going next.

Windows Server 2016 to Launch in Early Fall
Microsoft will use its upcoming Ignite conference as a launch pad for Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016.

Kubernetes 1.3 Debuts, Advancing Cloud Orchestration
Improved scale and support for new container formats highlight latest open-source platform release.

SUSE Expands Its Linux Offerings on Microsoft Azure
SUSE brings its High Performance Computing edition to Microsoft's cloud.

Itanium Redux: HP Wins $3B in Battle with Oracle
Hewlett Packard scores a win in five year old battle

Red Hat Summit: Improving Productivity Through Collaboration
Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst gives a history lesson about how the Industrial Revolution changed productivity and how the new era of server automation, cloud and containers will change it again.

Red Hat Grows 1Q17 Revenue to $568M as OpenStack Expectations Rise
Red Hat CEO announces a new acquisition and talks about OpenStack revenue opportunities.

IBM Opens Up OpenWhisk for More Serverless Computing
Jason McGee, VP and CTO for IBM cloud platform, discusses the promise of IBM's open-source serverless computing platform.

Docker on a Mission to Reduce Developer Deployment Friction
At Dockercon 16, Solomon Hykes explains what it takes to build a successful application.

Docker 1.12 Integrates Orchestration Directly Into Container Engine
At DockerCon 2016, Docker announced it has integrated container orchestration technology into Docker 1.12, reshaping the competitive landscape.

New Supercomputer Champion Crowned at 93 Petaflops
For the first time in history China now has more supercomputers than the U.S.

Joyent Acquired by Samsung
Deal brings node.js, container and storage technologies to Samsung.

Red Hat Plans to Reset Its OpenStack Release Cycle
[VIDEO] Mark McLoughlin, Director of OpenStack Engineering at Red Hat, discusses how his firm is fine-tuning its OpenStack efforts.

Microsoft Releases FreeBSD Virtual Machine Image for Azure
The new image, based on FreeBSD 10.3, is intended to help make Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform more welcoming to virtual appliances.

HPE Unveils Converged Systems for IoT
The Edgeline EL1000 and EL4000 systems are part of a larger series of announcements by HPE to address such IoT issues as security and management.

HPE Discovers Docker, Expands Helion and OneView Platforms
At the first day of its Discover conference, HPE announces new strategic alliances and technologies.

Worldwide Server Sales Dip to $12.4B in 1Q16
Both IDC and Gartner are reporting a less than stellar start to 2016 for server vendors.

Dell Brings Water-Cooling System to Hyperscale Data Centers
The company is collaborating with Intel to develop the Triton solution, which is aimed at scale-out data center environments.

Cavium, Marvell Want to Put More Pressure on Intel in Data Center
At Computex, Cavium unveiled its next-generation ThunderX2 ARM-based systems on a chip, while Marvell showed off its Armada 7000 and 8000 chips.

Google Introduces Support for Heterogeneous Container Clusters
Node pools will allow customers of Google Container Engine to set up multiple nodes in one cluster.

Cray Urika-GX Takes Aim at Big Data Workloads
The new Linux-powered supercomputer server platform integrates with Hadoop and Apache Spark.

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