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Supercomputing Power Stagnates as Tianhe-2's Speed Remains Unchallenged
China's Tianhe-2 supercomputer retains its crown as the performance titan of supercomputers.

IBM Reaches 7nm Milestone for Chips
IBM researchers say they are using new design methods and materials as they look to extend Moore's Law to 7nm and beyond.

Ubuntu Linux Lands on Intel Compute Stick
Full Linux operating system comes to portable Intel device platform.

Global Integrated Infrastructure Market Hits $2.1 Billion in 1Q15
Mixed results reported in the first quarter, with Integrated Infrastructure down and Integrated Platforms up.

Docker 1.7 Debuts with Experimental SDN
The Docker platform gets updated as Docker Inc introduces new commercial support.

What's Coming in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2?
Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap revealed at Red Hat Summit 2015.

VMware Doubles Down on Docker Integration with Project Bonneville
VMware brings Docker deeper into ESX with newly announced AppCatalyst and Project Bonneville.

Docker Rivals Join Together in Open Container Effort
The Linux Foundation is now home to new Open Container Project, bringing Docker, CoreOS and others together to advance open-source containers for all.

Rancher Doubles Down on Docker for App Virtualization Deployment [VIDEO]
Shannon Williams, co-founder of Rancher Labs, discusses why Docker is likely to remain the application container virtualization technology of choice.

30 Percent of Servers Worldwide Sit Idle, Report Says
The 10 million "comatose" servers that deliver no data or services represent $30 billion in wasted infrastructure capital, according to researchers.

IBM Acquires Managed OpenStack Vendor BlueBox
Big Blue adds BlueBox technology and services to its cloud portfolio.

Cisco Acquires Piston Cloud Computing for OpenStack Smarts
In a surprise move, Cisco picks up yet another OpenStack technology vendor.

1Q15 Server Revenues Hit $12.8 Billion
The latest state of the server market numbers are in from IDC and Gartner, and the general trend is quite positive.

OpenStack Making Progress, but Manageability Remains a Concern
NEWS ANALYSIS: OpenStack is being widely deployed for enterprise cloud projects, but even its biggest advocates say the community must make the platform more manageable.

OpenStack Foundation Not Worried about the Death Star [VIDEO]
Executive Director Jonathan Bryce and COO Mark Collier discuss the highlights of the Vancouver OpenStack Summit.

Red Hat Reveals Shared File System Service for OpenStack
OpenStack Manila abstracts Manila file shares from underlying hardware and allows them to grow, shrink or migrate across physical resources.

Gigaspaces Advances Cloudify for OpenStack and Docker Orchestration
The new Cloudify 3.2 release enables orchestration of Docker containers.

Cavium, Canonical Demo OpenStack Running on ARM-Based Servers
At the OpenStack Summit, the companies show a cluster of servers powered by Cavium's ThunderX SoCs running OpenStack, Ubuntu and various workloads.

Red Hat Expands OpenStack Options as Survey Shows Strong Potential
Continued strong demand brings optimism, but a lack of internal IT skills remains a key barrier to adoption for OpenStack.

Rackspace CEO Takes a Positive Spin from AWS for OpenStack Growth
Rackspace grows revenues and sees real potential for private clouds running OpenStack.

IBM Powers Up Power8 Servers
Power8 portfolio continues to grow as new Big Data-focused platforms emerge.

Docker Gets Serious About Security
Two months after Docker brings in new faces to lead security efforts, a new benchmark for securing Docker container deployments debuts.

Intel Works with CoreOS for Tectonic Container Server
Intel throws its weight behind CoreOS effort for containers.

CoreOS Advances Application Container Specification Effort
Apcera, Google, Red Hat and VMware are supporting CoreOS' application container specification effort, which extends the reach of containers beyond Docker.

OpenStack Kilo Cloud Platform Debuts With Ironic Bare-Metal Service
The new open-source cloud computing platform adds bare-metal server deployment capabilities.

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