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Linux Integration Services 2.1 RTM Available

Linux Integration Services 2.1 for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V R2 is now available free of charge from the Microsoft Download Center.

NetApp Integrates with Microsoft for SMB Cloud Services

The Toolkit provides code and guidance for building cloud services powered by Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V.

Server Virtualization Technologies and SAN Projects

A Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualization project has one company moving away from direct attached storage to SAN.

VMware Go Gets Tweaked for Hyper-V Competition

VMware has updated its free online virtual machine builder in the hopes of appealing to g to small and medium businesses.

A Guide to Hyper-V Live Migration

Live migration enables virtual machines (VMs) to be moved between Hyper-V hosts with no downtime.

VM6 Makes Hyper-V Virtualization Easier

The company's new tools can help make companies make the transition to a virtualized infrastructure much easier.

Sanbolic Storage Software for Windows Cloud, Server Virtualization

Sanbolic Melio 2010 integrates easily with Windows Server Hyper-V virtualization and System Center Management components.

AppAssure Releases Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Solution

The software performs a single application-aware snapshot spanning the entire host machine and an unlimited number of guest machines in a Hyper-V environment.

VM6 Automates Hyper-V Management

The VM6 VMex 2.1 suite automates management of virtual servers based in Hyper-V virtual machine software.

Linux Integration Services 2.1 RC for Hyper-V

Microsoft announces the release candidate (RC) version of the integration services.

Windows Server 2008 R2 on Magny-Cours

According to Microsoft, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V are a perfect match for the new CPUs.

Abiquo Offers VMware-to-Hyper-V Conversion

Start-up Abiquo combines open-source software with cloud computing expertise.

VKernel Offers Free VMware Capacity Management Tool

VKernel offers system management virtual appliances for VMware ESX Server and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

Secure Server Virtualization Using Hyper-V

Authorization Manger makes secure server virtualization more than a pipe dream. These best practices show you the two best ways to secure Hyper-V Server and virtual machines using Authorization Manager.

Microsoft's Red Hat Virtualization Drivers: What Took so Long?

Microsoft recently released a set of drivers that allow production versions of Red Hat to run on Hyper-V.

Understanding Hyper-V, App-V, MED-V and other Microsoft Products

Learn how to navigate through the Microsoft maze of virtualization products.

Protecting Hyper-V virtualization Infrastructures

Attention to the built-in security aspects of Microsoft's Hyper-V can better protect your virtualization infrastructures.

Hyper-V Security and Authorization Manager, Keys to a Successful Config

Are your Hyper-V virtual machines secure? Learn how to secure them using Authorization Manager.

Configuring Hyper-V Security Using Authorization Manager

When deploying virtualization technologies, key choices must be made to ensure the environment is secure. This article explains how to use Authorization Manager to make Hyper-V as secure as it can be.

Microsoft Claims Strong Lead for Hyper-V

Virtually Speaking: Microsoft claims a 24-point increase in Hyper-V penetration, but exactly what and how it's measuring is unclear. VMware, meanwhile, may be suiting up to grow its high-end base.

Citrix Offers Free Hyper-V Storage Management

The free version of Citrix's application is designed to simplify storage management in Microsoft-based virtual environments.

The Great Hypervisor Giveaway

Cover Your Assets: If you've been waiting for someone to lower the cash required for a physical to virtual conversion, your wait is over.

Hyper-V 2.0: Microsoft's Virtualization Offering Grows Up

Hyper-V's feature set may not be on par with those offered by VMware and others, but don't expect it to remain at the back of the pack forever. The next release will include Live Migration, Virtual Machine Manager module and other sought-after functionality.

Hyper-V Gets Fault Tolerance

Virtually Speaking: In the latest leg of the virtual race, Microsoft partners up with Marathon Technologies to bring fault tolerance into its own virtual environment.

Getting Started With Hyper-V

For SMBs, Hyper-V is a compelling way to get started with virtualization. Here's how to begin.

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