How to Minimize Server Virtualization Problems

How to Minimize Server Virtualization Problems

March 29, 2011

Virtualization can be a boon to enterprises but when issues and problems persist it can also be a big burden. This Processor Magazine article suggests that being proactive is often less costly than taking a reactive approach, and understanding common virtualization concerns can help enterprises avoid missteps.

"A significant and very common problem with virtualization is virtual machine sprawl, says Scott Morrison, CTO of Layer 7 Technologies ( 'It’s very easy to create new virtual machines,' he says. 'However, they take up very large amounts of disk space and often have little more than a file name to identify what they are.'"

"Even people doing casual virtualization on their laptops quickly run into this issue, he adds. Management tools are emerging to tame the sprawl, and IT managers should investigate whether these might work in their environments. Also, Morrison adds, implementing storage solutions with deduplication technology has an enormous effect on cutting down on virtual image storage costs because actual differences between images are usually very small."

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