Froxlor: A Web-based Server Administrator Tool

Froxlor: A Web-based Server Administrator Tool

August 16, 2010

Primarily designed for ISPs who need to roll out customer installations of Web and Email servers, this Tech Republic review of the Froxlor server administration tool says that it can be used by any business to quickly roll-out new domains or sub-domains for departments, branches and remote offices.

"For those who fall under the category of DIYers, tinkerers, and open source fanatics, Froxlor is the perfect tool to enable you to roll out domains for Web, Email, and FTP services to customers. For those who rely upon documentation and support, avert your eyes as Froxlor is most certainly not for you. Even with a piece-o-cake installation, there are tasks that will elude some administrators.

"This is one of those tools I would love to recommend to anyone who has a need for rolling out Web/Email domains in large numbers. However, because of the lack of documentation and support, I can only recommend this to those who are true believers in the open source spirit and who would scoff at the idea of reading directions."

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