Case Study: A Cisco Data Center Convert

Case Study: A Cisco Data Center Convert

August 16, 2010

NightHawk, working with Cisco systems integration partner World Wide Technology, embarked on its data center consolidation and  server room management project last year. According to this case study on Business Week, Cisco almost didn't make the cut as NightHawk Radiology Services was ready to hand its data center consolidation project to another vendor until a facility leasing issue delayed its decision.

"Enter Cisco. NightHawk will replace 120 physical IBM and Dell server blades with 18 UCS servers in four chassis running virtualized workloads. Granted, it's not a Google or or Yahoo scale data center with thousands of servers but NightHawk fits the prototypical profile of a UCS target: one looking to consolidate, virtualize and reduce complex operations.

"The NightHawk project entails consolidating ad hoc server rooms in multiple sites globally, reducing cycle times of new technology deployments, reducing capital and operational expenditures and simplifying management all in support of handling 9,000 studies and 500Gbytes of image data per day, and 120 Terabytes of online data."

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