How-To: Your First Dedicated Web Server

How-To: Your First Dedicated Web Server

August 9, 2010

Once you opt for a dedicated Web server, there are a number of tools and IT management processes you'll need to understand before migrating or creating your website. This Hosting News articles offers tips and advice to get you started with your first dedicated hosting server.

"Congratulations on your first dedicated server. Once you receive the information for you server, you will probably want to start migrating or creating your website immediately. However, if you have little to no experience with systems administration you should first thoroughly understand the tools you have at your disposal before you get started.

"Often overlooked, the journey toward dedicated server enlightenment begins with your webhost. Though the reading may be a bit dry, you would do well to understand specifically what you bought, what you are responsible for, and what things your webhost will take care."

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