IBM to Buy BigFix for Smarter IT, Data Center Management

IBM to Buy BigFix for Smarter IT, Data Center Management

July 6, 2010

Last week, IBM announced its plans to acquire BigFix , a smarter systems management provider. According to this report on The Whir, IBM says that by acquiring BigFix, it will help accelerate its efforts to help organizations more intelligently secure the enterprise by managing and automating security and compliance updates on thousands of computers globally.

"Many vendors broadcast security patches and updates indiscriminately. However, BigFix software has built-in intelligence that can pinpoint which devices are not in compliance with corporate IT policies and recommend security fixes and timely software updates to 500,000 machines within minutes.

"BigFix software provides a single IT management platform that gives organizations visibility, control and automation across their laptops, desktops and servers to manage critical applications for systems lifecycle, vulnerability assessment, energy-efficient computing, and configuration and security compliance."

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