Avaya Preps One-Box Data Center Management Strategy

Avaya Preps One-Box Data Center Management Strategy

June 29, 2010

According to this report on Network World, Avaya is prepping to launch its one-box data-center strategy early in October, using its VSP 9000 switch -- as a counter to Cisco's more comprehensive approach.

"Avaya has little choice but to present a limited offer because it lacks the other components among its assets. Until it bought Nortel last year the company described itself as a communications software specialist, but the purchase brought along Nortel's collection of networking gear, including the in-development VSP 9000.

"Now with the switch in customer trials prepping for release, Avaya is making a virtue out of its approach and finding fault with Cisco's 'toaster box' solution -- as Avaya's vice president and general manager of data solutions Steven Bandrowczak calls Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS)."

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