How to Create a Slave Server

How to Create a Slave Server

June 11, 2010

The major difference between the master server and the slave is where they get their data. The primary master server gets it’s information from zone files that are created on it. This tutorial on Begin Linux offers detailed instructions on how to create a slave server.

"Typically, in order to differentiate the master zone files from the slave, the names on the slave are changed so they start with 'bak' to indicate they are really backup files.

"The first thing you will want to do is install bind and the caching-nameserver just like you did on the master. If you are using the chroot jail you will want to install that as well. Here is an example of install with CentOS 5.5.
yum install bind caching-nameserver
Create the /etc/named.conf
In order to set up the slave, copy the /etc/named.conf file from the master and modify it for a slave perspective.
Here is the master zone entry."

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