VM6 Ships Updated Virtualization Software for SMB

VM6 Ships Updated Virtualization Software for SMB

June 4, 2010

VM6 has recently announced version 2.1 of its VMex virtualization system for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB). According to this report on Small Business Computing, the latest version adds features directed towards making virtualization more accessible to SMBs -- companies with between 20 and 1,000 workers and from five up to 150 servers -- that otherwise might not be able to afford to set up and run a virtualized environment like much larger IT shops do.

"Additions in version 2.1 include enhancements to the product's high availability and storage recovery systems aimed at providing protection against facility-wide power outages, as well as the capability to have alerts sent to support staff via email, company statements said. That adds up to better disaster recovery planning and leads to improved business continuity.

"Other new and updated features meant to simplify management of virtualized systems include enhancements to the system's dashboards. For instance, in the storage virtualization manager, a new integrated dashboard provides information about storage virtualization objects.

"A virtual desktop session manager also provides a dashboard for monitoring and managing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) sessions in order to help administrators monitor and reset virtual sessions, VM6 statements said."

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