Intel Announces 50-Core Supercomputer Processor

Intel Announces 50-Core Supercomputer Processor

June 2, 2010

Intel recently announced a new multi-core processor at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC). As reported on Hardware Central, 'Knight's Corner' is the codename for this processor, called a many integrated core (MIC) architecture. It consists of 50 x86 cores crammed onto a single 22-nanometer-process chip smaller than a postage stamp.

"Knight's Corner is different from the experimental 48-core processor that Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) had previously shipped out, which was built on older x86 core designs and not very parallel. The 48-core processor was often referred to as a single-chip cloud-computing processor and meant for massive cloud and virtualization scenarios.

"In that regard, Knight's Corner bears more resemblance to Larrabee, the company's ill-fated attempt at a GPU, than the 48-core processor did. Intel's Larrabee sought to bring massive parallelism to the x86 architecture. Just last week Intel said it had scuttled Larrabee as a graphics program but added that it planned to repurpose the hardware as a high-performance computing platform."

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