Red Hat Fedora 13 In-Depth

Red Hat Fedora 13 In-Depth

June 2, 2010

Red Hat has been focusing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and embraced the Fedora project as the testing ground for commercial releases. PC World takes an indepth look at the 13th Fedora release in nearly seven years, and calls it a clean and fast Linux desktop distribution.

"As far as the operating system itself goes, lots of time has been spent on sanding down rough edges rather than adding core functionality, which shows that the project has reached a certain level of maturity. As with most Linux distributions, the core of the OS is solid, but the desktop/GUI tools have been a letdown when they don't work correctly. It seems the Fedora group has been concentrating on cleaning up those elements to improve the overall experience.

"There are no significant layout differences in the Gnome 2.30-based default installation, though behind the scenes there have been plenty of fixes and additions, such as enhanced DisplayPort support in Nvidia and ATI graphics cards. You'll also notice improvements at the UI level, such as better Webcam support, integration of the GNOME Color Manager, and BlueTooth DUN (dial-up networking) support in the Network Manager applet."

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