ZettaGrid Launches Cloud Service using VMware vSphere

ZettaGrid Launches Cloud Service using VMware vSphere

May 25, 2010

ZettaGrid Pty Ltd has said it recently launched a new cloud computing service using VMware vSphere, bringing on-demand cloud computing solutions to the Australian market. As noted in this report on NewsMaker, ZettaGrid's cloud computing solution offers cloud services are built in real time, letting a customer order the solution and have a server ready for use in minutes.

"ZettaGrid offers cloud servers for on-demand computing power that is delivered on Australian based servers and is backed by full technical support. Cloud computing is the concept of delivering computing services over the Internet that allows users to scale up and down computing power to meet their exact needs.

"ZettaGrid General Manager, Nicholas Power said, 'The key benefit of our new cloud computing service is that it is on demand, which means that services are made available within minutes of purchase. It’s every IT user’s dream to have additional servers available to them immediately without having to purchase any hardware.'"

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