Virtualization Technologies Cuts House Bill

Virtualization Technologies Cuts House Bill

May 19, 2010

The U.S. House of Representatives' consolidation effort is showing signs of progress. According to this PC World report, virtualization and server consolidation has cut the electricity bill by about US$2,000 a day.

"The House consolidation effort was one of a number of winners of the Uptime Institute's Green Enterprise IT award (GEIT), which recognizes organizations that have used technology to significantly reduce power consumption.

"For its own operations, the IT team analyzed the actual server load in its primary data center and found that, on the whole, each server had only about a 5 percent CPU utilization rate.

"The IT team, over a period of two years, consolidated the servers using virtualization to make virtual servers out of some of the physical servers. They had folded the operations of 85 Windows servers into eight physical servers and they reduced 35 Unix servers down to 12 physical servers."

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