Government Data Center Management and Consolidation Plans

Government Data Center Management and Consolidation Plans

May 13, 2010

The federal government plans to increase server virtualization four-fold or more, double or triple the number of virtual machines per host, increase server utilization several times over, through its government-wide data center consolidation effort. Also mentioned in this Information Week report, is that the federal government will make significant gains in energy efficiency with its consolidation plan.

"The number of federal data centers has more than doubled to more than 1,100 in the last decade, and many agencies spend a significant amount of time and effort on infrastructure spending, some of it wasted. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra has made data center consolidation a key priority to help agencies save IT dollars and be more energy efficient.

"The first deadline for laying out the forthcoming plans for the effort passed at the end of April, when agencies were required to submit an initial data center inventory to the Office of Management and Budget. Initial data center plans are due at the end of June, and ongoing monitoring of agency efforts begins next year as data center consolidation plans make their way into agency budgets."

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