Dell, IBM Boast High-End Server Offerings

Dell, IBM Boast High-End Server Offerings

April 28, 2010

Both Dell and IBM have a lot to boast about when it comes to high-end servers powered by Intel's Xeon 7500 chips. As reported in this eWeek story, Dell officials are boasting that Dell got to the market first with servers powered by Intel's Xeon 7500 chips, while IBM says more than 200 customers, mostly from HP and Oracle, migrated workloads to IBM systems in the first quarter.

"Dell and IBM on April 27 both boasted of the positions their high-end offerings hold in the rapidly evolving market. Dell officials noted that the company has already begun shipping PowerEdge servers powered by Intel's recently released four- to eight-core Xeon 7500 "Nehalem EX" processors, ahead of rival Hewlett-Packard.

"They also touted the services Dell offers to help customers migrate their workloads from RISC-based platforms, such as those of HP, IBM and Oracle, to their x86 systems.

"Intel released its Xeon 7500 series in March, saying new performance and RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability) features make the high-end chip platform a good alternative for businesses looking to move their high-end workloads off RISC systems."

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