Zmanda ZRM Optimizes Distributed MySQL Servers Environments

Zmanda ZRM Optimizes Distributed MySQL Servers Environments

April 16, 2010

Zmanda, a provider of open-source backup software, has announced new capabilities for cloud backup and recovery for large-scale MySQL Installations. According to the company's release on Linux PR, the new add-ons for ZRM are optimized for protecting environments with hundreds of distributed MySQL servers.

"Zmanda also announced a new release of ZCB which is optimized to allow the cloud backup of hundreds of MySQL databases. ZCB runs on a Windows-based server and provides logical full backups of all MySQL databases in the datacenter to the cloud.

"ZRM is a sophisticated backup and recovery solution designed specfically for MySQL databases. ZRM includes unique, enterprise-grade features such as MySQL storage engine and snapshot intelligence, replication support, integration of backup operations with MySQL binary logs, and the Zmanda Management Console -- a powerful Web-based graphical user interface that lets DBAs control backup and recovery across thousands of MySQL servers from any browser enabled device."

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