Cisco to Offer Portable Data Center

Cisco to Offer Portable Data Center

March 16, 2010

Cisco is entering the portable data center market with all the necessary servers, storage and networking equipment crammed into 40-by-8-feet and 20-by-8-feet shipping containers. According to eWeek, this will give Cisco another way to sell its UCS, an IT package upon which the company is banking heavily to expand its market reach.

"One year ago, Internet pipe fitter Cisco Systems entered the data centre systems business with the introduction of the Unified Computing System, which features the company’s first-ever application server and includes all necessary data routing.

"The UCS’ network-centric data centre infrastructure authorises partners such as EMC, BMC, NetApp, VMware and Intel to provide components that Cisco does not make. Now the Internet networking giant is moving its UCS into the portable container data center market, similar to what IBM, the former Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), Hewlett-Packard, Dell-Microsoft and SGI (formerly Rackable) have been doing for the last few years."

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