VMware Leads the Charge

VMware Leads the Charge

February 26, 2010

VMware is a completely independent entity, free to acquire any assets they see fit. As noted on Chuck's Blog, if VMware was a normal business unit -- rather than a standalone entity -- this would be the sort of asset realignment that goes on all the time in large tech companies.

"Most people would agree that virtualization is transforming how we think about IT infrastructure. Whether it's simple server consolidation with hypervisors, or more grand view of private clouds -- we just don't think of IT plumbing the way we used to. And it’s pretty clear that VMware is leading this charge.

"The next stop in the industry's virtualization journey? Integrated management that reflects the new way of doing things in the virtual world, rather than the physical world we're coming from.

"VMware hasn't been a point product for many years. I think of it as a platform for next-generation IT. And part of that platform has to include highly differentiated management capabilities that just aren't available with other alternatives."

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