The Importance of Being Multilingual -- in OSes

The Importance of Being Multilingual -- in OSes

August 14, 2010

It may be obvious to some and trivial others, but career prospects for any IT staffer relying on familiarity with only one OS environment are grim. LinuxPlanet looks at why such tech professionals are not worth hiring.

Some things seem so obvious I feel silly even saying them. This is one of them: Any IT staffer who only knows one operating system is not worth hiring.

We see the silly Microsoft vs. Linux vs. Apple stories every day, with Ten Reasons Why This One is Better, and 7 Reasons Why That One Sucks, and Five Ways to Make Headlines With Lists. The ones that crack me up are the "10 Scary Hurdles to Migrating to Linux." Ever notice how every single time they mention "You'll need Linux skills!"

Oh dear, no! Linux skills? Well there's a dealbreaker! Because it is completely unreasonable to expect your current batch of delicate Windows admins to have any Linux skills.

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