Dell Plans Stripped Down CloudEdge Servers

Dell Plans Stripped Down CloudEdge Servers

February 4, 2010

Designed for private and public cloud deployments in large data centers, Dell's stripped down CloudEdge servers leave out things like redundant power supplies and fans. According to PC World's Business Center, Dell will sell them to companies that order lower volumes of systems, including enterprises building private cloud environments in their data centers.

Dell isn't discussing specific products yet and is still working out details, such as whether the servers will be sold by DCS or through Dell's standard server channels. But the goal is to offer the designs to a wider market, even while DCS continues to do custom work for very large customers. 'We're not announcing anything right now, but that is definitely something we will announce this year,' Rhodes said.

"DCS aims to build highly energy-efficient servers that pack a lot of computing power into a small space. The systems often forego redundant power supplies and fans, for example, which saves on component costs and energy bills.

"That also makes the servers less resilient to failure — a trade-off large Internet companies are willing to make for lower operational costs. Companies such as Google and Yahoo design their Web applications to run on such 'fail in place' architectures, so that workloads are rerouted around failed servers with little or no disruption to services."

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