OpSource's Private Cloud Bridge

OpSource's Private Cloud Bridge

July 21, 2010

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OpSource has been involved with software as a service (SaaS) for almost six years now. Last summer, it looked upward to the cloud, launching a private cloud offering designed to bring together the flexibility, availability and community of the public cloud with the security, performance and controls the enterprise demands."

It followed a "pay as you go model, that could be manipulated by an open API," OpSource Senior Vice President and CMO Keao Caindec told ServerWatch.

With cloud computing continuing to grow in popularity, OpSpource is building on that vision. The value of cloud, Caindec explained, is truly realized when bundled with other solutions. In that vein, this week, it launched the OpSource Partner Ecosystem, a partner program designed to enable integrators, developers, ISVs, cloud platform companies and telecom providers to offer integrated solutions for joint customers. For now, the program will focus primarily on consulting for cloud providers and telecom.

Unlike typical partner programs, the OpSource Partner Ecosystem is not expected to be an ancillary revenue stream. The company said it anticipates more than half of its revenue will come from the channel. Its actions support its words, and a strategy shift is under way.

OpSource reorganized it offerings, classifying them into four new services and three solutions. The four services it now offers are OpSource Managed Hosting, a bundled managed service; OpSource Cloud Hosting, a pay-as-you-go service; OpSource Application Operations, application management services; and OpSource Business Operations, a collection of business tools.

The three customizable solutions now available for private labeling are SaaS ISV Solutions, Telecom Solutions, Cloud Platform Solutions.

It also offers three options to partners -- OpSource General Partner, OpSource Gold Certified Partner and OpSource Platinum Partner -- that want to come on board. Within this, partners choose from five categories, Consulting and Development, cloud platform, infrastructure, telecom, and distribution.

Will cloud management be OpSource's golden opportunity? It may be too soon to tell, but these days anything "cloud" seems a sure win. For enterprises skittish about the public cloud, yet lacking the resources to build a private cloud, going with an and OpSpurce-based MSP-built cloud may be the perfect compromise. By going through the channel OpSource achieves maximum coverage with focused reach. A potential win all around, even if the customer never sees OpSource behind the private label curtain.

Amy Newman is the senior managing editor of ServerWatch and Enterprise IT Planet. She has been covering virtualization since 2001, and is the coauthor of Practical Virtualization Solutions, published by Pearson in October 2009.

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