25 IT Job Sites to Kick Start Your Job Search

25 IT Job Sites to Kick Start Your Job Search

July 2, 2010

There's no denying the job market remains tough to break into, and IT jobs are no exception. Datamation highlights 25 job sites to check out, but stresses they importance of strategic usage.

Yes, the IT job market is tough these days.

It's a far cry from the late 1990s, when just showing up with a pulse earned you a signing bonus. I'm told by top IT employment specialists that these days even highly qualified tech professionals can't always find positions, at least not easily.

Employers know they can afford to be picky. Their desks are stacked high with resumes - many from skilled and experienced IT staffers.

So IT job hunters need to pursue every available avenue. The best, of course, is person-to-person networking. Working the phone, pressing the flesh at trade meetings, touching base with old colleagues.

IT job sites are another invaluable resource. Yet it's not enough to simply troll through them and hope. It's best to choose specific sites and set up automatic notifications -- to jump on an opening the moment it comes out.

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