The ROI of That Data Center Management Job IT

The ROI of That Data Center Management Job IT

May 28, 2010

Many in IT leadership still believe that investing in their people returns no hard ROI. They couldn't be more wrong, and CIOUpdate columnist Patty Azzarello explains why.

Running an IT organization is very much about optimizing cost and risk: What is the lowest cost way to deliver each service without risking the required service level? What must be developed or managed internally and what should be outsourced? Once you get clear on that, how do you then think about the ROI for investing the in the people who remain on staff?

I never understand when some business leaders see their people more as an expense to manage down, than an asset to build up or when they think people-oriented initiatives do not have a hard ROI. I never viewed the investment in people as a nice-to-have or a soft business driver.

I'm not talking about over-hiring or over-paying, or not outsourcing anything at all. I'm not talking about touchy-feely team building that is not connected to the business reality. And I'm not talking about weak, overly consensus-driven, everyone-gets-a-say-about-everything management practices. I’m talking about paying market value for talent, but treating people above market; in ways that matter to them as humans, and that drive the business forward.

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