5 Employees Every Data Center Needs

5 Employees Every Data Center Needs

March 26, 2010

With so many data centers operating on ever-tighter budgets, having the right staff is more important than ever. Making the wrong technology staffing decisions can be costly to the group. CIO Update columnist Dave Wilmer looks at five types of employees that are vital to keeping your data center current and positioned for future growth.

As the economy gains momentum, employees will have greater job opportunities, increasing the risk of turnover. These factors make retention a growing concern for technology leaders. In fact, 43 percent of CIOs surveyed by our company said that keeping existing workers will be their No.1 staffing priority in 2010.

When you think of retaining employees, no doubt the first people to come to mind are your top performers. These are the individuals who exceed expectations, work hard and make quantifiable contributions to your team's success. Yet, there are other less obvious types of staff members who you might also want to concentrate on keeping:

The Motivator - This is the employee who builds enthusiasm for new ideas or projects, even when there are clear challenges. Need to upgrade a server on a tight time line? The Motivator is the first to raise a hand for the task, and then inspires others to get involved. Take note of any Motivators on your team, because their leadership potential can be an asset as your company starts expanding again.

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