Ubuntu 10.04 Named Lucid Lynx

Ubuntu 10.04 Named Lucid Lynx

September 21, 2009

Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth has announced the name of 2010's first Ubuntu release. Ubuntu 10.04 will be named the Lucid Lynx.

No, I've never seen a drunk Lynx before myself, but then again it's not like I see Lynx's on a regular basis either.

Shuttleworth made the announcement via Webcast (now posted on YouTube), to the Atlanta Linux Fest which occurred over the weekend. During the announcement, he also explained the rationale for the name and why it will lead to a sweet smell.

Coming up with a name for a distribution is a wonderful challenge and a wonderful art form," Shuttleworth said. "Ubuntu 10.04 will be the Lucid Lynx which is a name that I think brings together all of the key characteristics that we're striving for in our next LTS. To be Lucid means to be very clear and focused on the important points.

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