April 2007 Netcraft Survey, a New Player Emerges

April 2007 Netcraft Survey, a New Player Emerges

April 5, 2007

The April 2007 Netcraft survey showed continued growth and major shuffling among the Top 4 players. The research firm received responses from 113,658,468, an increase of nearly 6.8 million from January's survey, which yielded 106,875,138 responses.

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The number of sites measured surpassed the 100 million mark set in November 2006 and set yet another record.

In April, lighttpd was added to the servers tracked. Lighttpd is an open source server designed for high-performance sites. Lighttpd has a relatively small memory footprint and is optimized for a large number of parallel connections, which has made it popular on sites using AJAX-based apps or those that run via Ruby on Rails, as well as hosting environments for virtual private servers.

Sites using lighttpd as their primary server include the SourceForge, Reddit and Meebo. YouTube and Wikipedia also use it to serve parts of their sites.

In April, lighttpd was detected on 1.38 million sites, which accounts for 1.2 percent of the Web server market. This places it in the Top 4, bumping out Zeus and encroaching on Sun.

When broken down in terms of Web server software, Windows-powered sites again grew the most in market share, gaining a whopping 0.35 percent.

In February, Apache's market share fell below 60 percent for the first time since 2002. Apache still held fast to the top spot with 58.86 percent and picked up some share in March. Microsoft increased its share over the course of the quarter but continued to trail with 31.13 percent.

Cumulatively, Apache declined 1.31 percent in the first quarter. Microsoft server sites (i.e., sites running Microsoft-Internet-Information-Server, Microsoft-IIS, Microsoft-IIS-W, Microsoft-PWS-95, and Microsoft-PWS) added nearly 2.5 million hostnames, giving it a total of 35,380,121 sites and increased its share, Apache again picked up more actual sites — nearly 2.6 million — for a total of 66,899,485 sites.

This month, Sun and lighttpd rounded out the Top 4 with 1.46 percent and 1.22 percent share, respectively.

Zeus took fifth place with 488,838 sites, just under 1 percent of market share.

Active sites (i.e., hostnames that contain content and thus more accurately represent developed Web sites, according to Netcraft) portrayed a slightly different and flatter picture. Here, Microsoft claimed a decrease in share of 0.08 percent bringing its total to 34.44 percent. Apache installs declined a mere 0.03 percent to 58.5 percent share. Sun and Zeus had less than a 0.5 percent share each with minimal chang.

When viewed by domain type, 66,867,953, or 58.83 percent, had .com domains; 3,876,440, or 3.41 percent, of sites had .uk domains. Sites with .net domains were not measured.

The complete survey results can be found, here.

April Results
Server No. of
Market Share No. of Sites
With .com domains
Apache 66,899,48558.86%36,803,903
Microsoft-IIS 35,377,42631.13%22,721,673
Unknown 2,761,0592.43%2,042,800
Sun-ONE-Web-Server 1,663,4761.46%1,244,246
lighttpd 1,382,8431.22%1,182,516
Oversee 845,4040.74%726,754
Zeus 488,8380.43%154,088
Netscape-Enterprise 241,8520.21%122,194
Rapidsite 194,7580.17%109,697
tigershark 189,7910.17%144,721
thttpd 142,5750.13%8,536
Lotus Domino 88,2500.08%29,840
AOLServer 70,3010.06%3,702
Zope 48,5560.04%12,337
WebLogic 29,5790.03%16,955
WebSTAR 28,3340.02%17,036
Stronghold 22,4650.02%13,751
Oracle-Application-Server-10g 17,6170.02%7,298
Squid 15,9500.01%4,674
4D_WebSTAR_S 11,6690.01%5,605
WebSitePro 9,3530.01%4,723
WebSite 7,9080.01%3,324
Orion 5,7450.01%3,738
Xitami 4,6020.00%3,248
Roxen WebServer 4,4300.00%1,373
Sambar 4,2600.00%1,765
Abyss 2,8640.00%1,309
Enterprise for NetWare 1,8190.00%489
Netscape FastTrack Server 1,4720.00%604
WN 1,3530.00%107
WebSphere 1,2770.00%658
JRun 1,2220.00%704
NCSA HTTPd 9100.00%206