Red Hat Expands Reach With Enterprise Linux 3

Red Hat Expands Reach With Enterprise Linux 3

October 24, 2003

Red Hat this week released its much anticipated Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, the first major milestone on its road map to deliver an Open Source Architecture to the enterprise.

All three distributions, Advanced Server (AS), Enterprise Server (ES), and Workstation (WS), began shipping Wednesday.

The second-generation, enterprise-focused operating system supports a greater range of IT deployments and spans seven hardware architectures with one set of code, Program Manager Michael Ferris told ServerWatch. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 AS is deployable on Intel x86 and Itanium; AMD AMD64; and IBM zSeries, iSeries, pSeries, and S/390. The WS and ES versions support x86, Itanium, and AMD64

Red Hat emphasized version 3's scalability and beefed-up performance, which will enable it to move beyond the Linux space, where it currently owns more than 50 percent of the market worldwide, and into the general Unix space.

Three key enhancements enable it to do this:

  • Native Posix threading
  • Support for larger SMP, memory, and I/O configurations -- up to 16 processors on an x86 with 64 GB of RAM
  • A single code base that covers all seven architectures

Ferris estimates that 94 percent of all Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments fall into the target ES market segment -- entry to midrange servers with two CPUs and up to 8 GB of memory. These are typically SOHO and departmental servers. In contrast, AS is aimed large, data center servers with greater than 2 CPUs and 8 GB of memory; WS is designed for corporate and home office desktops running productivity apps as well as technical workstations.

Adecco USA, a large staffing and HR solutions company, has already deployed Enterprise Linux 3. It found Enterprise Linux's support for additional addressable memory to be particularly attractive.

Not surprisingly, Red Hat has already secured a host of partners for Enterprise Linux 3 that span the hardware, software, and microchip industries and include all the big names: Dell, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard; BEA and Oracle; and AMD and Intel, respectively. In addition, Fujitsu, Hitachi, and NEC have agreed to bundle Enterprise Linux 3 on their hardware.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is available now as part of an annual subscription that includes Red Hat Network and services. Pricing ranges from $179 for Enterprise Linux WS to $17,000 for Enterprise Linux AS.