Zeus Load Balancer Sets New Benchmark for Apache

Zeus Load Balancer Sets New Benchmark for Apache

July 10, 2003

Zeus Technology this week announced Zeus Load Balancer has set a new benchmark showing that it is capable of accelerating Apache Web server delivery 100-fold.

The benchmark shows that when the Zeus Load Balancer is installed on the same machine as Apache it can deliver 100 times the throughput of Apache by itself while simultaneously reducing user response times from 30 seconds to 1 second.

According to Zeus, it was able to do this because Zeus Load Balancer's advanced connection handling buffers both the request and response queues, allowing Apache to serve each page request immediately without having to wait for network latency.

To achieve the benchmark, Apache was installed on a 2-way Opteron 1.8 MHz box running under Linux and tested under various loads over networks with latency ranging from 0 ms to 400 ms. Zeus Load Balancer was then installed on the same box and the test rerun.

Damian Reeves, CTO for Zeus, commented on the benchmark's applicability in a real-world setting. "Most IP benchmarks are done in the laboratory with little regard to real-world conditions. We simulated the more challenging conditions -- multiple simultaneous slow connections -- that are more typically found in the real world."

A full copy of the benchmark can be obtained from sgreen@zeus.com.

Zeus Load Balancer is a software traffic manager that offers intelligent content-aware traffic management, fault tolerance and automatic failover, and full HTTP 1.1 support including session persistence.

Zeus Load Balancer is available on most implementations of Unix and Linux. Pricing starts at 3,000 pounds for a single Zeus Load Balancer for two servers; a pair of Zeus Load Balancers for unrestricted servers is priced at 8,000 pounds.