Zeus Offers Alternative to Load Balancing Hardware

Zeus Offers Alternative to Load Balancing Hardware

June 24, 2003

Zeus Technology this week announced that the Zeus Web Server and Zeus Load Balancer have been optimized for AMD's 64-bit AMD Opteron processor, with Zeus Load Balancer already available in AMD64 architecture implementations.

The optimization efforts are part of Zeus' Performance Engineering Partnership for Zeus Web Server.

Using a 4p 4-way AMD Opteron processor-based server, Zeus Web Server achieved a SPECweb99_SSL score of 3498, more than six times Sun Microsystems' most recently published score of 568, which was achieved using six four-processor UltraSparc III-based servers.

"Servers based on AMD Opteron processors running Zeus Web Server and Zeus Load Balancer provide the industry's fastest 4p server performance," noted Ben Williams, AMD's director of the server/workstation business segment. "With AMD64 technology, customers can now scale their enterprise Web services with a 64-bit x86 server environment."

The results were impressive enough for Zeus to classify load balancing hardware as superfluous.

"With commodity hardware running at this speed it no longer makes sense to purchase dedicated hardware to perform load balancing," said John Paterson, Zeus CEO.

"Software load balancing solutions when optimized for performant industry standard processors like AMD Opteron processors can perform just as adequately as hard-wired units, but with the flexibility and upgradeability that only software can offer," Paterson added.