Witango App Server Now Available for Linux

Witango App Server Now Available for Linux

June 6, 2003

With Enterprise Pty Ltd Thursday released Witango Application Server 5 for Linux, offering organizations a new platform on which to execute Witango 5 Web applications.

The new version supports any Linux distribution that incorporates kernel 2.4.14-18 or above.

"Many of our customers -- especially in Europe and South Korea -- have asked to be able to run our software on RedHat 9 and SuSE 8.2," said Sophie Wade, CEO of With Enterprise. "It's great that we're able to help them, through Witango 5 Application Server for Linux."

Witango was formerly known as Tango 2000 Server. With Enterprise acquired the rights to Tango 2000 from Pervasive Software in 2001. It subsequently rebranded and relaunched the program as Witango. With Enterprise then queried Tango users, developers, and distributors to compile a "wish list" that eventually became the key feature set in Witango 5.

The main enhancement in Witango 5 Application Server is an updated threading model that enables it to run in full pre-emptive multitasking mode, thus offering a substantial performance boost.

Other new features in Witango 5 Application Server include:

  • Connect direct, which enables the server to communicate directly with other applications via XML Web Services and other standards
  • Mail integration, which offers support for the latest e-mail standards and features, including POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, international character sets, MIME encoding, file attachments, and custom headers
  • A client interface opened to the server to expose the full meta stack trace and enable developers to quickly find errors in nested tags
  • Expanded error-reporting options

Witango 5 Application Server for Linux is available for immediate purchase from With Enterprise's online store as well as through distributors and retailers in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Suggested retail pricing for Witango 5 Application Server for Linux starts from 1,099 euros, US $1,279, and AU $1,998.

Organizations that purchased Witango 4 Application Server after April 1, 2002 may upgrade to version 5 free of charge. Otherwise, upgrades start from 440 euros, US $511, or AU $799.

A free 30-day demo version Witango 5 Application Server is available for download from With Enterprise's site.