Bookreview: Administering Exchange 2000 Server by Mitch Tulloch

Bookreview: Administering Exchange 2000 Server by Mitch Tulloch

February 28, 2001

Martin Tuip

Mitch Tulloch is the Exchange topic leader at His latest book Administering Exchange 2000 Server is the sequel of Administering Exchange Server 5.5.  Last week I read this book, as I had plenty of time on my hands. I found the book very pleasant and easy to read, which is a feature that not all techbooks have.


The more then 150 walkthrough guides offer starting and more experienced Exchange 2000 Administrators a reference manual. It offers pretty much all the knowledge you need to know for day-to-day administration of Exchange 2000 Server. Another advantage of the book is that the setup enables it to be used in classrooms as a guideline for training newly hired Exchange administrators. The book does stay with the describing the daily task of administering and if you are looking for a book that provides you knowledge of the core of Exchange 2000 Server then take a look at Microsoft Exchange Server for Windows 2000: Planning, Design and Implementation by Tony Redmond.


I will keep this book near my desk together with the Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Resource Kit  as a quick lookup and reference guide as I found it easy to look up things quickly.


Administering Exchange 2000 Server
ISBN: 0072127082
By Mitch Tulloch


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