Cool Tools:

Cool Tools:

November 19, 2000

Thomas Shinder

When I think of "tools", the image of hammers and screwdrivers comes to mind. However, unless you're a hardware technician, you don't likely use these tools much in your IT vocation. Rather, our tools are software tools; utilities that make our lives easier and allow us to leverage our knowledge and creativity without having to twiddle away hours doing things the hard way.

But it occurred to me this week that we frequently use other types of tools. The primary example of this alternative type of tool are the "knowledge management" tools with which we avail ourselves. In the Microsoft realm, the most popular knowledge tools are TechNet and the Windows 2000 Resource Kits. These tools come in the form of either books or CDs and  we use them to look up unusual or complex problems related to our work with Windows 2000.

But perhaps our most powerful knowledge management tool is the Internet. All of us who must solve problems on a daily basis have a collection of websites and newsgroups we visit when the going gets tough. The real advantage of using these Internet based resources is that they can be updated in real-time, and when the inevitable error occurs, it can be correctly quickly. This is in stark contrast to books and CDs, where errors live on forever.

Hooray for!

If you're looking for an absolutely fantastic, one-stop shop for Windows 2000 information, then  is the place! The team at has done what all of us would like to do if we could ever get ourselves organized: collect the best and most up-to-date resources available for solving and fixing problems related to all things Windows 2000.

The Webmaster and his team have collected links and organized them to make it insanely easy to find just the information you are looking for. The site has a collection of resource centers, where you can easily drill down and find information on topics such as Active Directory, Disk Management, Project Management, and much, much more. The site also has book reviews which are helpful in paring down the list of potential candidates for your Windows 2000 library.

For More Information

This short article can't to justice to rich content available at To check out the bountiful resources available there, go to and spend some time exploring. I guarantee that you will find something that will interest you, and there's a excellent chance you'll put the site in your Favorites List. You'll be glad you did!